Thursday, July 18, 2019

Cry, France, cry

What has happened in Brussels has forever changed the mind of the Lord and he started to think about the departure from this forsaken planet. The Order has corrupted many thereby performing their satanic acts.

The biggest secret of NATO and the EU is the misery of the French Republic. There was another way and thanks to some French lady the XVIII century scenario could be repeated. But for people like Sarkozy or Komorowski, it was a too big danger.

So instead of having some fun and so coveted by some son the Lord was sent to the prison for long years. And the lady? Mother of Bonaparte?

She was raped and sent to death on Khomeini path. She has been executed almost on the eyes of the Lord. The scream she made many will remember to end of their days and will be like a curse for the whole NATO Alliance.

Cry, France, cry. Cry, o Republic! This chance will not happen again in the next hundred years. If ever...

NATO connections

What have in common elites in Warsaw and Brussels? The answer is clear for the Lord. The first has raped his loved one Christine, that now they are hiding in Denmark, the other one has committed rape on Ms. Bonaparte that later has executed almost on the eyes of the Lord.

Is not this biggest secret of NATO for what Mr. Stoltenberg was advanced on the Secretary of NATO alliance?

Both rapes were a Malta Order occult rite designated to plant corruption in the highest institutions of the Western world. For both satanic acts, they accuse the Lord claiming to have a video recording of him. The truth is that it was his clone - Satan - and viewers can easily recognize that by looking in his BLUE eyes.

That is no longer a secret, as the Lord has written about that detail many times. So the Polish readers shall be not surprised that when another wave of false accusations has come out straight from Mr. Stoltenberg desk the Polish media published a headline "The are identical. Will, any of twins pay for the death of Angelica?".

The answer is that as long as the highest position will be in hands for somebody directly involved in both rapes in Warsaw and Brussels they will not pay. But the day of the Judgment is coming and it is only a matter of time, Mr. Stoltenber and other Malta paws will do.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


It's true. The Lord was not visiting the Holy Land since the XVI century but in 2033 he will undertake the Pilgrimage to Jerusalem to announce his ruling on the world there. 

But first many things must change in Israel and aboard. The best would be to start by changing the rulers of this land. Netanyahu has failed to facilitate the dialogue with the Lord and shall pay the price for that in the coming elections. 

Israel shall be for the Lord safe heaven and launchpad of his initiatives like restitution. So far its limits only to two things: singing about the Lord and his coming and military interventions. The other aspects are lagging and will be lagging under the rule of Netanyahu.

Al-Ḥajaru al-Aswad

When the Lord will undertake his Pilgrimage to the Holy Land to announce his ruling over the world in Jerusalem he will pass also through Mecca. 

It will be a symbolic bridge between people of Islam and Judaism and occasion to meet and discuss the situation in the Middle-East.

The time is running quickly and all Muslim brothers and sisters shall well prepare for that moment. How to do it? 

It is simple when you will reach Mecca next time during your Hajj and you will come close to  Al-Ḥajaru al-Aswad - this big Black Stone put there by the prophet Mohamad, in your mind and your heart please put yourself on the place of the Lord. 

Imagine, that this Black Stone is his Ship. Imagine that it is a Judgment Day and you have two options: to leave the planet sending a Deluge to it that will devastate it for hundreds if not thousands of years or you will save it. What you will choose? A trip to another planet where you will recreate civilization, as it shall always be? Or maybe you will stay at the current one - the Earth?

Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Pilgrimage

In 2033 the Lord will make an official Pilgrimage to the Middle East. He will come to Jerusalem to announce his ruling on the world. The ruling, as on today, is negative. Many things must change to change the Lord mind.

The whole class of politicians needs to be changed. Netanyahu, Merkel, Tusk, Macron, Trump and many others that were not able to start a real dialogue with the Lord must go astray. They are in minds from the previous age. The New Age is coming and you must prepare the world for it.

You have lost 40th years. Your politicians, if was not in fighting the Lord in the very best case was posing, as he. That must end. Saying, he is like Schetyna will not resolve the problem you and your globe is facing.

You need a completely new class of politicians that will stop to lose time on meaningless words and actions and will start a real dialogue with the Lord. A dialogue that will eventually change his mind. As he, for today, is giving you 0.01% for survival. The Pilgrimage has started, do not lose time anymore.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Grunwald's Firsts

It is a mystery open that Lech Kaczyński and many of members of the ruling Polish party was at same time members of The Order of Malta. The same Order that has to lead to the Partitioning of Commonwealth of Both People. 

Today, by the hand of Kaczynski twin they are ruling over the land of the Lord and there is no hope that the opposition will beat them in the coming election. The Order is buying Poles by the social-economic programs, in the same manner, that national-socialist was buying German votes in the time of Weimar Republic.

The only hope of the opposition would be to unite with the Lord in the same manner that in the time of the battle of Grunwald. However, unlike under the leadership of King Jagiello, under the leadership of Grzegorz Schetyna, that inclusion would not be possible.

The Order has their Holy Scripture and sneaky way of dealing with the Lord. The opposition has nothing and is simply ignoring the Lord. The outcome. Well, Teutons was the Order of Mother of God but of the House of Germany. A degenerated clone of the original Lady of Jasna Gora...

God, save the Tsar

What happened to Mickiewicz firstborn son? He has been moved back to Lithuania that at that time was under the rule of Tsar. And from all the partitions it was maybe happiest one for the Lord and his family. 

Mickiewicz son was grown under name Piłsudski, Wincenty Piłsudski. And once he grew up he has taken his wife Mary. She was much luckier that Cecylia, maybe also because of blood brotherhood with Romanov family. The Tsar of Russia - Nicolaus I - was in direct line brother of the Lord and would never allow anyone to harm him. 

The Pilsudski family quickly grew to 12 children and the brotherhood flourished on the whole of the Tsar Empire. Just like its emblem - Two-Headed Eagle. That was a serious problem to the Order and quickly they have taken this brotherhood on the viewfinder.

Today when it is the Order ruling in Poland, the Lord can only miss the time of Tsar Nicolaus I, if he will ever take a risk of having an offspring quickly will end like his father in the Soviet times.

The lesson Lord father gave to the Soviets shall be forever remembered by Russians. From the two ideologies: White Tsarist and the Red Bolsheviks it was the first that was securing prosperity and the stability to their motherland. Turning against the Lord has made their Soviet Empire fall...