Friday, February 19, 2016

Department of Energy

While the Lord is not excluding further talks with Rusia and OPEC he is presenting his introductory letter to the US Department of Energy. Are they ready to estabilish Cold Fusion Forum that will prepare mankind for this wonderfull technology?

Dear folks,
I am addressing You in important case that can shape development of energy market not only in the United States but over whole world.

For first I am recommending You to check authenticity of this message with the President of United States Mr. Barack Obama, as things I am presenting can on first look be improbable.

Our family through centuries was putting mankind on the edge of progress by providing ground breaking inventions like oil lamp or nuclear power. This time I am considering another miraculous one – the Cold Fusion.

This technology will make cars no longer needed fuel, consumer electronic devices no longer needed recharging and power plants obsolete. Thus it will limit greenhouse effect slightly.

Unfortunately for some it will make also countries no longer needing oil and gas, so for some states it is question of to be or not to be. One of it is the Russian Federation that is in position to block m eaccess to my nest where I am storing this technology and many others.

The other factor is my treatment by Western powers, currently it is making me to look on the East to negotiate opposite deal to postponetransfer of Cold Fusion for next 100 years. This treatment must change and it is intention of this letter to change it.

Before I will agree to transferring Cold Fusion certain requirements that I will present in another letter must be meet. For first the Cold Fusion Forum must be established. It will be a consortium of companies, organisations and individuals working for introduction of this technology to the mankind.

And here reason behind this letter comes. Is the US Department of Energy interested and ready to take leading role in establishment of Cold Fusion Forum? Are You ready to change the world? I am waiting for quick response.

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