Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Listening to Clapper

When I was listening to the US Director of National Intelligence Jams Clapper I was just after writing official mail to head of the Malta Order and maybe for this reasons when I heard Islamic State I had on my eyes photo attached to the letter.

And indeed the Malta Order is kind of Teutonic state inside the Catholic Church. Only officially it is under the Pope command. In reality it is the Pope that is heavily dependent on this Order. Moreover he is kind of hostage.

The Order is working officially on bringing aid to sick and poor people, mainly migrants, so is in position to recruit and influence them for their more unofficial work. Under this cover they has build massive presence in most of the countries.

When Mr. Clapper was highlighting a fact that so called Islamic State has taken advantage of weak and collapsing states I was thinking of this that have leaders that officially are members of this Maltan Order or are vulnerable to the planed replacement.

And is not this replacement of Lord Allies a biggest threat that world leaders are facing. The only hope is in normal people and also lower ranks members of Order to have ears and eyes open and that they will cooperate in spite of upcoming attacks.

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