Sunday, February 14, 2016

Duda's dilema

One of special characteristics of Jozef Pilsudski was a genetic mole on the edge ofhis right ear. The problem is that Lord have same, as he was illegitimate child of Bronsilaw Pilsudski born on his Syberian exile. To solve this mystery the Lord did wroten a list to the Polish President Andrzej Duda.

Dear Mr. President of Poland,

I am addressing You in untypical case. When I was little boy, in time before fall of communism, my grandfather was telling me many family legends. For long time I had treated it, as fair-tales of old Jew.

One of this stories was about origins of my grandfather. According to him he was illegitimate child of Bronsilaw Pilsudski, born on his Syberian exile. And for long time I was treating this story, as fairy tale. However something happened what has changed my mind.

Living in times of Internet – the global village – I was browsing polish Wikipedia and I found there Wanted Letter for JózefemPiłsudzki. What has shocked me so much was characteristics of further Marshal of Poland. He had a mole on the edge of his right ear.

The problem is that I have identical one. We must be then related. Is then my grandfather's story of his father – Bronisław - older from brothers Pilsudski – a truth?

Nobody survived from Pilsudski offsprings. They died or has been assassinated by the Soviet's NKWD. This makes whole case complicated but at the same time is adding a rang to it. This case must by solved.

And herewith comes my request. Request for help in solving this family mysterie. Can I count on Your support?

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