Monday, February 29, 2016

Smolensk birch

For those ones that looks for truth behind biggest communicational catastrophe in the history of Polish nation – the Smolensk crash – could be interesting some similarities between some romance of the Lord and his grandfather that had a place in the background of events.

Careful reader having understanding of Kabbalah will certainly find it out easily. A catastrophe of LZ 129 Hindenburg was a same symbol for Lord's grandfather that Smolensk crash is for the Lord himself. A renewed source of never ending threats that he is facing since begin born.

The famous Smolensk's birch which Presidential Tupolev has hit with his wing is in this  Kabbalah's poetry a kind of personification of one of Lord's lovers – Czesia Okińska for Lord's grandfather and Melanie for the Lord. Both share not only same look but also same dramatic story and the tragic end. Both has been a cause of this turmoil.

The difference is maybe a scale of the event, as Poland has lost this time a gross of their dignitaries. A huge lost in unjust case from which no one shall be proud of. That is why Lord is advising those ones that want to build a Smolensk's monument of front of His Palace to forget it. This would be a like a spit into the face of the Lord and biggest symbol of Polish anti-Semitism. This brich is a best monument that they are deserving.

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