Saturday, February 13, 2016


Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward an hungred
Mathew 4:1-2

The Lord was not always powerful and rich king-maker. Since partitioning of his Commonwealth in XVIII century he was mainly living a life of commoner. But never before the fate was so hard for him.

Before, like his brother Pilsudski, he has been accused of preparing an assassination of Belgian King Philip and sent to the prison for long years, he was struggling to survive in the heart of the European Union – Brussels.

While bagging on the street he was studding Kabbalah – a science of the influence of the Creator over the world. Thus, he has even exceeded the knowledge of his grandfather making hard to be fooled by his oppressors.

This time, while extremely hard, was not lost. And like a similar time of the Christ was purifying form the Devil and his works. Lord have now complete understanding of plans of his oppressors and next steps in the Scripture and will do his best to protect his Allies and family.

But how it can be that such figure, as the Lord, has landed on the street. The answer is simple. Common people do not care of him. While having in mind false image of the God begin some old man living somewhere in the outer space they has forgotten basic teaching of the Christ. A fundamental teaching that our God is a living God. A living man that You must take care of.

This is a problem that everyone have not only these days but how it can be that his powerful world leaders that must care about fate of this planet did nothing to prevent such a time and possible consequences the Lord will take from it? Are they not afraid of his possible Final Judgment?

The answer on this question is not simple one but part of the problem can be real treasures – the Lord's knowledge and inventions - that Lord posses and that could give for exchange of money. Are they not trying him to force him to share his inventions by imposing such inhuman conditions on him? In particular the Cold Fusion...

If so – they can achieve an opposite effect - instead of trading this ground breaking technology he can arrange a deal with Russiansand other oil producing countries – to postpone such transfer of knowledge for another century. Of course, in exchange for money. Big money...

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