Wednesday, February 10, 2016

To the rescue

Yesterday the US Supreme Court has effectively block Mr. Obama plan to limit greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants. It shows the strength of coal industry but the truth is that only Cold Fusion technology could make any difference in achieving real progress in this matter.

The world is warming up and governments and scientists are looking for effective therapy to this disease. When we are experimenting with various solutions like electric cars or wind farms or solar panels they are limited and expensive way not able to reduce CO2 emission in significant manner.

The real answer to this problem is the Cold Fusion technology. Cold fusion is type of nuclear reaction that would occur at room temperature. It is safe and almost limitless energy generation method but unfortunately only hypothetical at the moment.

Nowadays we can only dream of independence from oil and gas but maybe breakthrough is not so far from us. A car that will no longer needed fuel to drive. A mobile phone, laptop and other consumer electronic products that will no longer need recharge. Foremost home's electric power generators that will make power plants obsolete. This is something that Could Fusion could give us and everything lies in the hands of the Lord.

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