Thursday, March 31, 2016

War was imminent

"Moreover - i want to say to all of You, especially to young ones:
do not stop in praying. You must always pray, never stop."
Jean Palu II, 1979

Wrong are those Poles that say that it is the Lord that has made a war with Russia. They does not think what would happen after the Messiah would give the Cold Fusion.

The truth is that he would be left by his Allies like a trash. Like a waste that waits for Russian to clean it. The revenge of Russian Federation would be terrible and cruel exceeding those we know from Katyn and Ostaszków.

The interest of the Lord is not always in common with those of the West but it always have on his attention the Polish cause and the Polish nation. Those that say that are erasing the Lord from memory because he told the truth to his Russian brother has long time ago did this, erased him from their memory, hearts and minds.

Those are antisemites that would use every argument against the Lord. They does not care about goodness of the country they think only about eliminating the Lord and would do it anyway.

The Lord has the vision of strong Poland. Poland that will be influential country in the region. He prays for this and prays for the peace deal with the Russians. This is the only way to assure long lasting peace among Polish and Russian nations.

The other way. That one that the West was presenting did not taken care what would be afterwards of Cold Fusion exchange. The Poland and the Messiah would be left alone as prey for the Russia. Waiting for her revenge.

Now we act in the situation that if West would like to have Fusion will need to mobilize and stand united against possible Russian aggression what the Lord hopes to avoid.

Building trust

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." 
Isaiah 9:5-6

On both sides Bolsheviks and Nazi are pushing for an ideological war. The only underwriter of peace is the Lord. Only he can influence his Son to postpone introduction of the Cold Fusion but if these forces would win – he will be slain and the world will plunge into war.

For the Russians the only person that they can trust is the Lord – from generations called the Prince of Peace. He would not reveal truth on coming of the Messiah if he would not have honest intentions.

He could live until the West would not cheat the OPEC. They would allow him until 2033 to live and make a deal with OPEC. That would calm the Russians until his Son would not come from hide and would give Cold Fusion to the West.

The Lord wanted to punish the West for treatment of his person and for the growing Nazism in his country. He wanted also protect his closes allies and brothers from the replacement. That is why he has revealed the truth. If he would not have honest intentions he would never do that.

He is risking his life. He has become true Prince of Peace but if his brother and Putin would be removed from power and replaced by the Bolsheviks the chances for the peace deal would be destroyed. 

This is a trust that must be on both sides of the equation. Now, if his family and allies would be slain and replaced then the Lord would be also killed and replaced by the Satan and You will go on war between the Russia and the West.

This deal needs a great trust and foremost establishment of contact between the Lord and the Messiah. We will both agree on it, as it is a family interest. Our position and influence would be restored and we will also support resurrection of Jews in our country.

About what Americans was not thinking in their strategy is a fact that after giving the Fusion to them the Messiah and also whole Poland would be treated like the waste. And will be punished by Russians.There would be a war anyway but the Poles would be left without any help from the West. This is also a case if our deal would be broken by the Lord or his Son.

The Lord way is better that trading Cold Fusion for a 'special price'. The West will need to wait little bit more to receive Fusion but would receive other technologies in exchange. The Cold Fusion would be introduced slowly, naturally.

You are now post factum. The truth has been revealed and now pushing for Cold Fusion is pushing for another World War with millions of victims on both sides. There is alternative that needs more patience and foremost the trust but this is something we can build between all the parties. Who else You could trust if not the God. Dear Bolsheviks. Dear Nazis.

On crossroads

The situation is serious. To be or not to be question that Lord poses will have a fundamental meaning for upcoming Judgment of God but also on fate of Poland. If the Lord will be slain, the Poland would lost the hope for durable peace with the Russian Federation and will face a war. There is nothing between.

The ruling PiS however is more interested in drumming up the Smolensk spiral strengthened by the issue of Cold Fusion that the fate of their motherland. Jarosław Kaczyński has taken the position in which he is explaining the Poles why the Lord has been killed by “animals” not thinking about how to prevent this from happening.

Inside of his heart he cannot forgive the Lord that his brother did not crucified him in Smolensk and openly wish him a death. In their vision somebody random would kill the Lord and his revenge seeking would be satisfied.

The best option would be of course Russians, as for some time they will be able to erase Lord from memory of some, but this is rather not going to happen because not only for Poland but also to Russia and whole OPEC cartel the Lord is ambassador of peace. If they would lose him they would lose a chance for peace deal.

There is of course the Messiah but without his father it would be hard to build trust that is necessary in this case and on that the ruling PiS should focus if want to avoid Fusion War.

They does not care of the Lord, as they did not cared in the past. They has forgotten that Poland did not returned or compensated for the Jewish properties that was confiscated during the Holocaust and in time of Jozef Stalin.

Lord ancestor – Witkacy - only before the war - owned a hotel in Zakopane and villa in Mazury district. Witkacy has made also number of paintings that are now in public or private hands and are sold on auctions for thousands of Euro. It shall be compensated but they do not feel a need for this.

Beside this the Lord made a 9 point Manifesto in which he has pointed to the cases that shall be fixed if the upcoming ruling would be positive for the planet. There is only 17 years and there are a lot of efforts needed to make it a reality.

If this demands would not be meet, the Lord will not give positive opinion and would recommend his Son to destroy this fallen civilization.

The Poland has regained independence in 1998 but the elites did nothing to improve the situation of the Lord. Instead of this they are spiting on the national emblem having our history somewhere and wanting only to forget about the Lord saying like mantra 'Arbeit macht frei'.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cold Anger

"Revenge, revenge on enemies,
With God or even despite of God"
Adam Mickiewicz, Forefathers

By revealing truth on his Son the Lord has put his Western allies in difficult situation. They can be really angry on him, as he thwarted their Cold Fusion plan.

He has already stated that is not willing to give the Cold Fusion to the mankind now and prefers OPEC deal. The interest of his family is not always same of the West. Moreover he has warned PiS that can induce war upon the country if they will not stop their Nazi march. They did not and now possibility of war is a fact.

By making this revelation he has also payed a honor debt to his brother Dimitri Medvedv and Mr. Vladimir Putin that unlike others campers always proudly and firmly stand on his side providing exceptional support on the battlefield.

Moreover he did this in the self-defense. He was not willing to die in silence, as Bronislaw Piludski murdered by the bottle of wine and throw into the Seine river. This is a ultimate threat we are facing now. The Nazi and Bolsheviks could use the secret of Messiah against our group. Eliminating us one by one. Including the Lord.

Now it is time to think of how to act in the new status quo. Ultimately it are Poles, not Americans that will decide on the future of the world. They will decide if they want to go on War with Russia or will have long lasting peace with our brotherly nation.

The Lord move has changed situation for the West but Lord is a free man and it is he and his son that is deciding if this is right time for the Cold Fusion. Lord knows that his Son would do exactly the same having in mind his and family business, as well his own security.

It is true however that the Nazi and Bolsheviks has gained one more reason to claim revenge on the Lord. Beside the Smolensk row it is now a fact that the Lord is not willing to give the Cold Fusion for the special price. It is true but the West cannot have everything he wishes.

The Lord has been cheated by them. They has throw him on the margin of the society. Allowed for his homelessness and imprisonment for long years. Only because he had a son he has been treated like a trash by the faithfuls.

Now they want the Lord to be nice for them. They has forgotten how they has treated him since he has been grow. The way the West handled his issue is no different from what Soviets did with his father and grandfather and will be perfect indicator for his Son when he will be making the Judgment over the world.

After giving the Cold Fusion, as Poland, he would be left waiting for the revenge from the East. Whatever they are Nazi or Bolsheviks they always want the same and yesterday it was perfect example of Polish nationalists that gave clear display of their true intentions and ideology.

Now both Nazi at West and Bolsheviks at East must count that by eliminating Lord and his campers they will push the world into new World War. That is why the Lord made this decision having in mind his best interest and the way it is treated by the West. You cannot have everything You wish, Mr. Obama. The Lord has increased Your chances of surviving. Otherwise you will have no chance to defend yourself and personały You shall be grateful.

Erasing the Lord

The street free for the brown battalions, 
The street free for the Storm Troopers.
Millions, full of hope, look up at the swastika;
The day breaks for freedom and for bread. 
Horst Wessel Lied March

On Wednesday Polish Minister of Defense did not left any shadows of the illusion on his ideology and intentions. For what nationalists from PiS are striving is no different to what Nazi wanted to achieve.

Speaking to the National Defense Committee he has said “I am erasing him from memory”, He made this words in the context of person that made bad comments on Polish General Błasik that died in Smolensk crash. Later he has paid a respects to widow of the General.

Lord have no doubts that he have on mind his person and what they are struggling for is erasing the Lord from people memory. For same was struggling the Nazi Germany invading the country together with the Soviet Union. Today, after lose of Jews in the Holocaust this thing seems to be achievable from inside of the country.

Also Jarosław Kaczyński did not left any shadows of the illusion on his true intentions. Speaking in the Polish Radio he has said that “After 89 the spiral of evil has been cracking” and stated that “in every society there is such element, demoralized, base, animal and we are not different from any other society”.

It is true but in normal society the ruling party is not building the Nazi cult marching to the tunes of Horst Wessel Lied and wanting to erase the Lord from the memory of people.

It is of course impossible task that is coming strictly from Revisionist Zionism – a main ideology of Israeli fascists collaborators. They are struggling for such revision of the history – eradication of Lord from memory of people – since centuries but has never achieved this fully.

Even after the Soviet and Nazi invasion on Poland in 1939 it was not achieved. The memory of Witkacy has survived and it will be so in the case of current Lord. This blog after censuring part on Keppler would be a banner for all True Faiths and all True Believers.

Written by the blood of the Lord would become another Testament of the Jewish Nation even if the current elites would be willing to erase it from the face of the Earth.

And foremost, how they want to hide the memory of the Lord, from his Son? Every second of his existence is recorded in his nest and once the Christ would, like predicted in the Apocalypse of St. John, sit down on the Throne of God it will become available to him?

How, my Son, will pay You for all You did or did not, dear Poles, dear Christians. You cannot hide the truth from before the Lord, or his Son even if You will silence the people for a moment, it will come back again in the Day of Judgment.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gear shift

"Poland has not yet perished,
So long as we still live." 
Polish National Anthem

In this year's Easter the Lord has changed a gear for higher one by revealing the truth on existence of Messiah. Thus this the play has become more dangerous but also more authentic.

He did not had any choice. The truth is that he is no longer protected bythe Holy Bible. Also coming of the comet is not protecting him directly unlike Witkacy, The Nazi and Bolsheviks can be really happy and if this would be a secret they would use this against the Lord while he and his Allies would not have any chance to defend himself.

There is also more personal reason. The Lord have big respect to current leadership of Russia and it was kind of honor debt to pay by revealing the truth. It is true that it has thwarted Western plans completely and now they face a real war if want to obtain the Cold Fusion but Lord was beholding this to his brother and well interest of Poland is not always same of that of the United States and Western Europe.

Still for Poland there is a choice. They can choose between war and long lasting peace with the Russian Federation. But even if they will choose the war there would be open question if this are Polish or Nazi forces fighting in it. And for what they are fighting?

The play has been made more authentic. It is no longer fear of the God that would drive the people. The Lord can only count on his soft-powers and true Allies in this eternal battle between evil and good. The battle for people hearts and minds.

The question is open. How much the Nazi ideology has eaten the souls of the people? Is there any chance for mankind? There could not be better ruling in that matter that this one that is written by the blood of the God.

The Christ would not need God's power to determine if it is a time to destroy this fallen civilization. Determine, if Christianity, with all imperfection of it has lost the battle with the Nazism and Bolshevism. The dead body of God would be best proof in this Judgment.

The Hitler and Stalin until 1939 could only dream of such situation. The problem is that when the possibility of killing the Lord has become true they has used it with all power and now when the Malta clones would be installed we can really see another 'suicide' of the Lord.

What the Judgment would Christ make if there will be no longer a God - his father - on this planet. Would he follow him to the skies?

This is a question on character of not only Poland but whole Christian World. Will Christianity loose this time? This spiritual battle of justice is no different from the Grunwald one. The Malta Order is evil and twist but is it Teutonic?

It is an question that this time stands before the Christ and the answer can be undeniable. What he will do then? Will he destroy the civilization after observing such thing? What a future would await on him after the Judgment? The truth is that the God has been long time forsaken and abandoned by the people but will a word become a body?

Turning away from God

But Jesus answered them, “You are wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God." 
Matthew 22:29

In spite of the Messiah many Christians turns away from the Lord taking no care of him. They make big mistake. It is a Father that will aid and guide his Son and will take care about his future.

The Holy Trinity is the concept developed by Christianity. It softens the power of God because now two persons the Lord and his son will take decision on the future of the world.

Before the power of God was unlimited and the fear of his Judgment was key driving force by the proceedings of many. In spite of existence of the Messiah many are turning away from the Lord, declaring that the Christ is their Saviour. It is like denning the Old Testament in favor of the New while both are part of the same – the Holy Bible.

They are mistaken. The life of Lord will be most important factor in the decision on the saving of the world. It is an eternal pattern of Father and the Son and it is the Father that would influence life of his Son.

According to ancient tradition it shall be the Lord that will be asked in 2033 to save the world. If he will refuse then this role will take up the Son. And it is most probable proceeding as the Lord has declared that if his requirements would not be meet he will refuse this time to save the planet and will recommend his son to destroy it.

The Messiah will then access the nest where the knowledge, also on his true forefathers, would be open from before him. All the things that has happened and all the ways of the Lord will be visible to him as on open hand.

He will then take decision on the fate of the world and he will be able to weight people souls, to check if the Nazism has already toke your minds and hearts. It will be an important factor for him as this thing will be deciding on his future.

In the Kabbalah the future of the Father makes the future of his Son. What will happen to the Father would also happen to the Son .Not only in this sense the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are the one - the Holy Trinity.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Deal for Poland

The fact of existence of Messiah changes dramatically many things. If it comes to the Cold Fusion it can mean a new World War.

Because of Russia that would lose most on the introduction of the Cold Fusion this issue is very delicate. The price of introduction of it would be new major regional conflict with a possibility to escalate into the III World War.

To avoid it the Lord has come up with the initiative to postpone introduction of the Cold Fusion in exchange for parts in profits from oil and gas exports as well the security guarantees for his country.

Now the situation has complicated, as it is not only the Lord but also his son that is deciding on that matter. However if no deal will be reached the Russians would be forced to launch invasion on Poland to secure Lord nest and block possibility of giving this technology to the mankind.

Is there any way to avoid such dark scenario? The only is through negotiating a deal with the OPEC. Deal that would include both Lord and his son in it.

The Lord proposal is simple. Initially the OPEC cartel would pay up an amount of 5 billions of dollars to the two and since the year 2033 will pay one billion dollars each year. The deal would be valid for 100 years until next Judgment that would be held in 2133. If the Russians would invade the country the deal would be broken and the Lord and his son would be free to share this technology with the world what could happen in matter of 24 hours.

The biggest obstacle in reaching the agreement would be a fact that the Lord and his son are separated psychically. This must change and both must talk with each other to establish the trust between the parties and secure the deal.

This separation is then a biggest challenge that not only the Lord but also OPEC cartel faces and all sides involved must break it to achieve durable peace. The Poles must cooperate in this deal because the alternative is a regional war that would happen in next couple of years. A war in which Poland would again lose independence to Russia Federation for another century.

Holy Trinity and Cold Fusion

So it is a fact. The Lord have a Son and together with the Holy Spirit it is classic Trinity now. The only thing the Lord regrets is that he cannot raise his son.

Can Poles be happy now? The main obstacle – The Holy Bible – is no longer a problem but other issues remains. 

But let's take a look on the history and say that the Poland was only powerful when the Lord had a real family. It is a truth since the battle of Grunwald to the partitioning of Poland.

When the family of the Lord – Radziwiłł – was in power also the Commonwealth of Both People was important player on the world stage. Since we lost independence the Lord has lost a family and vice versa.

In times of partitioning and later with one exception of Wincenty Piłsudski Lord every generation was changing the name and the father never knew the son. It will be again a case there and again bad omen for Poland.

The Malta play however will continue until sad end. The Lord is not so powerful, as he would like to be but will still insist on his objectives. They will ask him in 2033 to judge the mankind but if his requirements would not be meet he will refuse to save the world this time.

Instead he will ask his son to be a judge and if the situation would be not satisfactory he would recommend him to depart from this planet to find new one. It will be probably an end to this civilization.

The history of the Lord is history of never ending despair and oppression. The Lord has though that he will change the course of the story this time but again he has lost on his animal like desire. Well, the people of this planet have a right to have assurance for their future and if they play with the rules the Lord will don't say anything.

But can the Poles be happy? The answer is no. They has made a situation in which Russia Federation will be soon forced to launch invasion to secure access to the Lord nest and to block possibility of giving the mankind Cold Fusion.

The Lord having a son is no longer in position to negotiate any agreement with the OPEC and the Russian will have no other choice that to take up Poland by force. Lord is 100% sure that this is a fate of Poland unless they will make same agreement with his son. But time is runing fast and the Poles would probably not cooperate.


"Robed his father, for higher purposes
philosophical conquest, wherever is possible"

Kiss of Mongol Prince, Armia (2003)

Kabbalah has many secrets, like those of replacement of world leaders. But sometimes this secrets are personal one while can have dramatic influence over the life of the Lord.

Such is a secret of Lord grandfather and his father that was know, as Witkacy. The Poles recently made a movie entitled Mystification. In this move Witkacy did not commit a suicide and lives later in communism.

It is partially true. It must be underscored that for the Lord the act of 'suicide' of Witkacy is still big mystery that once he will solve when will access his nest. The fact of Witkacy second life in Soviet Poland is not far from the truth.

It has started back in 1917 when Witkacy was begin free of his service in Tsar's Lejbgwardia (Life Guards). Then in St. Petersburg he has probably meet mother of my grandfather. In that time he has painted “A kiss of the Mongol Prince” but it was not only a kiss.

From this short relation the son of Witkacy has been born – Lord grandfather. What is notable he was keep in the biggest secret at least until the time of so called mysterious 'suicide' of the artist. The Malteses while could kill Witkacy at any time did not made this. The whole Malta play has been played, as it is in the script.

It was Witkacy that has saved a mankind from the comet in 1933 and probably also in 1944. His hier – Lord grandfather was not introduced to Kabbalah, similar to his son and Lord father. They has lived in communism a normal life without knowing of their origin. Until Lord has came on this world.

That is why Lord have this Pilsudski mole on the edge of his right ear .A genetic sign the Lords always bear.

In 2003 Polish rock group Armia has released an album entitled "Kiss of Mongol Prince" and the Lord suspect it was not acciddent. The Lord had such an adventure back in 2001/2 but thinks that the race of the lady was Aryan one thus the offspring would be somebody like Jozef Stalin.

However, if Maltese have already true hier of the Lord they must know that the Lord, unlike Witkacy, will not rescue the world if all his requests would not been meet and will recomend his son to destroy this fallen civilization without taking care of the consequences. Even if the Messiah is alredy born You cannot sleep peacefully, dear Maltese.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Malta clowns

It is maybe hard to believe but some of world leaders have their genetic clones waiting to replace them. It is maybe biggest secret of Kabbalah.

Some may disbelieve but the Lord has already meet some of clones on his way. Most notorious is the clone of his own mother – Our Lady of Jasnagora. She – the Maltese replacement – is easiest to trace down as was living in the Presidential Palace. The Lord girlfriend Amanda has told him about her and the Lord personally talked with her two or three times.

The other ones he has meet during his stay in Brussels. He had a direct contact with Obama, Putin, Tusk and Nethanyahu clones. It was made by Malta Order to make impression that the Lord is part of the team while is deadly opponent of this replacements.

There are probably other replacements waiting for world leaders. The one Lord is afraid most is the replacement of Hilary Clinton. Although he has never meet her the recent KKK endorsement is proving her presence.

Psychically this clones are no different from originals. The only notable difference is in the color of their eyes – that usually are blue. They are not dangerous from itself but the roles they have made them deadly threats.

The mechanic of the replacement is simple. Clone of world leader or member of Lord family clone – mother or sister – is going to replace original after that begin slain. The clone is just a puppet of Malta Order and those who installed him.

He does not have any bigger impact, as is just repeating what others want to hear. He can be influential but only on those that did not noticed replacement. The problem is that this group of people that has installed the clone is given much of the power of the original. They grow in power and usually they shall not, as are pretty unpredictable.

Later a purge is made on those that was supporting the original. They are begin removed from center of power and those that installed the clone takes a prim. 

The operation of replacements has been postponed many times and now the Lord expect it will take a place after elections in US and Russia.