Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ahead of Fusion War

If the Lord and OPEC will not reach deal regarding postponing introduction of the Cold Fusion technology Poland will be doomed.

The Lord has just sent his introductory letters to US Department of Energy and the OPEC cartel and ahead of him there is difficult choice to be made. If he will choose progress he will sentence the planet to another World War.

The main problem lies in fact that his nest is inaccessible now. He cannot do any move without provoking Russians. Fortunately they will also need to agree on such an access before year 2033. To eventually stop a cometh that, as every century, is heading to the Earth.

However, as they say, the devil is in detail. The question is who will control the territory on which his nest is located when that time will come.

If this will be the West then Lord will be free to decide if share the Cold Fusion with it or not. If the territory will be in hands of Russians there will be no choice. They will never agree on such exchange, as their economy heavily depends on  export of gas and oil.

Therefore if no deal will be reached with the OPEC then Poland and whole NATO will stand in face of invasion from the East. The Russians will not take back from anything to stop the Lord from giving the Cold Fusion.

They will centrality make an invasion on Poland to capture Lord's nest before the year 2033. They will be left no other choice to block the Lord and guarantee that he will not share Cold Fusion with rest of the world.

If such situation would ever happen You can be sure that the Lord will decide to depart from this Planet to another one, as he will be not willing to stay on Russian side. His grandfather did and his functions was limited merely to biological ones. Something that the Lord is not going to repeat.

Whatever You are supporter of Cold Fusion or not You must count with such a scenario. If we for some reasons will not reach an agreement with OPEC the fate of this globe will be another World War. And this is what the Bolsheviks realy wants.

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