Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Amanda misery

Luxury villa. Beautiful lady from Presidential Palace. In one word – heaven. But is it so good? Take a deeper look.

I must admit that I was doing everything to avoid a picture like this. The painting my grandfather did when was in same situation almost 100 years ago. He also had a romance with a woman that looked like my. He called her Amanda.

There is big push on her from every side. The idea is simple luxury life, luxury wife and... offspring. This is what they are expecting from her. But she is too afraid of the consequences of having child with the Lord. To such thing we need a true love and there is none.

We both does not want this but they are executing a centuries old script every generation. And every generation Lord meets Amanda. And instead of joy and happiness there is only sadness, apathy and misery of both.

They are using this for propaganda purposes. In background her ex-boyfriend is mounting a powerful campaign for her 'liberation'. It Is like to jump out of the frying pan into the fire. She is too afraid of engaging in romance with the Lord but hates so much her ex-boyfriend.

For ones it will be like Nadiya Shavchenkko - an Ukrainina pilot imprisionent by Russia. For others she is like Palestine colonized by the Israel.

But we will need to pass through this sad moment. It will take months, maybe year and the Lord will come out of it to meet his real wife, Nina. We must pass through it for Amanda security. If they would break from this hypnosis that script gives to them I do not know what they are ready to do.

They has poisoned her in the past and they will do it again. The Lord will need to squeeze his tie to remind them that at the end he is able to make a suicide. This will help for a moment but again they will poison her in never-ending cycle. Some of them believe that she poses danger to the Lord, while she do not. Some want to take her off so Lord would be happy with his further wife.

I do not know what to do. She also. We will need to pass through this misery together. I do not know what to advise her. I would like to have good time against everything but will not push. If she does not want. I am ok with that. Will not force her to anything against her will.

I only wonder if she really did not feel anything to me after this years we are hanging on the radio. Amanda of my grandfather after her liberation was still orbiting around him. I think he felt something but was too afraid of engaging and later it was too late. He had a wonderful wife which he fully enjoyed.

We will need to pass through it, Amanda. As softly, as we can. I am very sorry for that but we muss pass it together. I feel really sorry for you. Its idiotic script and they are really dangerous. I am afraid of Your security.

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