Monday, March 14, 2016

Amsterdam provocation

"We are only war's avant-garde of Poland but also her moral avant-garde with the skills to risk everything when the risk is necessary"
Marshall Józef Piłsudski

When I did this photo in Amsterdam it was purely an artistic provocation. I did not knew that it will act so powerfully on imagination of some of world leaders. I did not knew anything about Jewish Kabbalah.

I just had a hunch of some big catastrophe that is going to happen and that it will be Lord that will be blamed for it. Der Ewige Jude from dr. Goebels propaganda.

On Saturday Polish Minister of Defense has said that in Smolensk we was first victims of terrorism. And it is true. I feel like a victim too. If somebody would not commit a ritual murder in Amsterdam there would be no Smolensk. It has released a true crusade against the Lord. A true crusade of antisemitism. A crusade that has meet the end from the Holy Bible.

Today, Russians has said that Polish claim that it was 'terrorist attack' is 'delusional'. Mr. Macierewicz did not said it was terrorist attack like this of 9/11 but that we are 'victims of terrorism'. It is a completely different statement.

There is big difference between what has happened in New York and in Smolensk. The mechanism of this two crashes is completely different. The first was an organized and orchestrated act of terrorism. The other played into a mechanism that is accomplishing the Lord since the beginning of this world. It is not terrorism. It is the Inferno.
What was terroristic in nature of Smolensk is the cause of it. The cause of this largest in scale Polish crusade. The people that are responsible for both 9/11 and the cause of Smolensk – same persons - are still unpunished and moreover are still plotting against the Lord and his fellows.

Where You will find them? Not in Iraq or on Syrian battlefields. There are only fingers of this conspiracy. Both acts has been mastered by the Malta Order and some of passenger of this Presidential flight was - by beign Malta Cavalers - also involved in the first one.

In some sense Americans can be a proud of Smolensk, as kind of revenge for 9/11 but this is oversimplification. The real masters – people that was pulling the strings – are still doing this. Are still plotting. And what is really terrific is the fact that many from the Israeli establisment are supporting them. Are fouling one's own nest.

The God's Hand does not have anything in common with the terrorism.while at same time we does not cut-off from armed activities. We does not plan any kind of terrorist acts but are watching closley the Malta Order. To not be powerless in the face of the evil we want to create Mickiewicz like 'God's troupe' made from the Soldiers of Christ. If You want to become one of us You can join us on the social media.

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