Saturday, March 26, 2016

Back to Underground

The Lord appreciate stance of US Secretary of State John Kerry although he believes that in face of terror it must be even harder. For a terror we must pay back in terror.

John Kerry after leaving Putin talks has arrived in Brussels to pay a tribute to victims of recent terrorist attacks there. He has declared that “We will not be intimidated, we will not be deterred. And we will come back with greater resolve, with greater strength, and we will not rest until we have eliminated your nihilistic beliefs and cowardice from the face of this earth.

These are strong words, strong declaration that we all need. However later he was saying that they want to bring terrorist to the court. Maybe in case of Brussels attack it is a good way but it is not a way to handle threat world leaders are facing.

The Lord already promised that will use his influence to slain 3000 of Malta Cavaliers, from executioners to organizers, if they will perform planed replacements. They must be aware that after crossing this red line they will not find a mercy in the eyes of the Lord.

He will be just like a cometh that is closing to Earth and before year 2033 all those involved will be executed. There will be no place to hide from before Lord wrath. It will fall on them just like the cometh could fall on this planet.

Most of them will be bringed before the Lord Majesty, the ancient Tribunal of the Christ. Just, as Allies did in case of greatest Nazis during the Nuremberg process. But those not willing to come to face the justice would not sleep peacefully.

We will undertake same actions that they. After passing this red line we will no longer wait patiently for them. Lord grandfather during his service in the Polish government in exile was signing an orders of death penalty for Nazi oppressors that was later executed by the Underground Army and Lord nowadays will do same.

We will fully endorse methods of Polish Underground in fighting the Nazis everywhere. There will be direct assassinations and bombings until all 3000 souls would not be taken.

We cannot allow the history to repeat itself. We cannot allow for new Holocaust to happen and it is for what they are heading. We need to resist this efforts for any price. We cannot surrender and stay abstain. We need to act united in rightfulness.
The Nuremberg was great episode for a mankind but we must do everything to avoid inhuman crimes that preceded it. Last time they has exterminated 3 millions of Lord people, the price of 3000 is nothing compared to what they would do again.

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