Thursday, March 3, 2016

Big Brother

Is Mitt Romeny a lost Witkacy's son? Is he our God's brother? Read more in lates letter on elections in the United States and the Malta's clowns.

Poraj 4.III.2016

Mitt Romney
P.O. Box 55239
Boston, MA 02205-5239
United States

Dear Mitt,
I shall write my explanations regarding Your Presidential Campaign long time ago but, as You know I was in prison.

For first let me allow to write that I am truly sorry You did not became the President of the United States. It was maybe my biggest mistake to withdraw my support for You and put my vote on Obama.

I must admit I am really disappointed by him and see his time, as the lost one. He did nothing in my case and I strongly disagree with his Foreign Policy, especially with his way of treating China.

Let me explain why I had withdraw my support. As recently Donald Trump observed You has disappeared at the end of Your campaign and I though that something bad happened to You. That maybe they had replaced You.

This did not yet happened but You has left me without any support while You could help me in this time when I was in real trouble. It was not hard to think little bit out of the box. Out of the Malta script.

But foremost, while I really appreciated that You had taken a trip to Poland instead of Germany I was really disappointed by outcome of the meeting with President Komorowski. I had informed You about the rape that had a place there but You even did not toke a care to talk with this lady, Roxane.

Now when we are nearing the time when Malta will try to install their clones this monsters headed by same Colonel are still in the palace. This corruption is a key one and should be handled as soon as possible. You had failed in this, Mitt, and we are going to pay a price for this now.

I had treated You as brother but You do not cared of this. I must admit I am still not sure if we are relatives. As I written to You my grandfather had in times of II World War a son that they has send to US and we had lost a contact with him.

My sons tends to become Presidents or other important persons and because of psychical similarities between You and my grandfather I think You could be my Uncle. My big brother. It is question I would like to solve. Would be great if You would agree for tests of DNA.

The other way we will solve this question is not nice one. I saw and was talking with Malta replacements of Obama, Netanyahu and Tusk and do not know if they have replacement of You. If You are my brother they have for sure and soon we would see in Your eyes that would become a blue ones.

Regarding a case that has provoked me to write to You it is Your criticism of Donald Trump candidacy. I know he is not perfect but You shall rethink Your position and support him after the primaries. I think that Ms. Clinton is vulnerable of this Malaria we are facing and it would be a catastrophe if they would replace her when she would be in the White House. Thus Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders are much safer choice for us all.

I hope You will think little bit on what I written and You would agree for DNA tests, as it is really possible that You are this lost son of my grandfather, BTW. He was very good in writing theatral play. One of them was even on list of school's lectures but they had removed it because he was also a drug user...

Truly Yours,

the Lord

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