Sunday, March 6, 2016

Boyfriend 1920

Having girl-friend from the Presidential Palace is not simple thing. She is truly dangerous woman. In background her ex-boyfriend is mounting a campaign to liberate her. Same campaign my grandfather was facing in the year 1920.

On Sunday in Kiev we saw a demonstration under otherwise rightful slogans “Free Szevczenko” - an Ukrainian pilot imprisonment by Russia.Demonstrators has throw on the Russian Embassy eggs and paint. They had a straw man of Putin that they hanged.

I think part of this demonstrators will change front when they will score a success at Kremlin and when the replacement will be made. When Putin's eyes will shine on blue. Amanda begin 'forced' is good background for this liberation campaign that will have continuation on the battlefield.

That is a propaganda mission for ex-boyfriend of this Presidential lady. He will not only mount replacement of 'evil' leaders that are forcing her to take me into this Russian tango but later will take part in the military campaign.

It was a case of similar romance with same girl in 1920 and it ended with Bolsheviks strumming Warsaw. The ex-boyfriend was commanding an action to throw out my grandfather from palace he was living with Amanda. A special Bolshevik commando that earlier has cut-off Smolensk birch.

In this sense Russian Ambassador Siergiej Andrejewicz was right when he said that Poland had complicity of Nazi invasion. Not only Nazi but foremost Bolshevik. If there would be no support in replacement operation from the Presidential Palace there would be no Battle of Warsaw. A battle that this time we are going to lose.

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