Thursday, March 24, 2016

By eyes of brother

The Russian Federation is standing on the real turn. We could after fixing Donetsk row enter a new brotherly relations with them but Russia according to Lord is just ahead of new Bolshevik Revolution.

The Modern Russia is establishes itself on the Imperial tradition with roots going back to XVII-XIX century. It is visible not only by their imperial stance on the world stage and domestic policy but also personally by character of Dimitry Medviedev that is staying all the time in shadow of Vladimir Putin.

This Lord ancient brother from Michał Radziwił branch of Romanov family like a Lord has been grow in the conspiracy. Probably without knowing of his true roots that are yet betrayed by his psychical appearance of Tsar Nicolaus II.

Unlike Lord however he has achieved a top of possible career in his country. The Lord is not jealous of this because knows that his career will bring him to top but of the United Nations. It is rather testifying of modern Poles.

Dimitri roots in the Lord family gives him, like Tzar Nicolaus II, a status of the Holy One for many in the Eastern Orthodox tradition of Christianity. He becomes by begin a brother of the Lord a new Christ of the Eastern World.

And like Christ he can be crucified in the name of Smolensk revenge. A fate that they has some many times meet in the Romanov dynasty. Last time, the Bolsheviks however, when has slain Romanov family has saved the oldest son of the Tsar. The Orthodox tradition and this Holy status was too strong even for these animals.

Like a Lord he was grown through generations in the conspiracy of Kabbalah to become first, after Vladimir Putin, citizen of Russia. A new Russian Tsar.

But history repeats itself and now what has meet Tsar Nicolaus II soon can meet also Tsar Medvedev. 

It will not be maybe so spectacular but will happen secretly in the corridors of power. He would be probably slain and replaced by his devil's clone. Like a Tsar on beginning of I World War, on years before the October Revolution that almost bridged end to Romanov dynasty. The blue eyes of the Revolution could shin again over the Kremlin.

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