Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chinese lay-offs

"You shall lead chickens to piss not making politics"
Józef Klemens Piłsudski
In context of possible Cold Fusion advance it is important for the United States to gain suport of China not to engage in another military adventure on Shout China Sea.

Yesterday Defense Chief Ash Carter warned China against increasingly aggressive moves in the disputed South China Sea region. Instead of spending their energy on extravagating situation the White House and the Pentagon shall look for China, as strong ally in their quest for the Cold Fusion.

The China since long time is struggling with effect of their industrial growth. The smog in Beijing has become a huge plague and to come out of this ecological troubles they need also turn to the Lord for this groundbreaking invention.

In addition, as the United States and NATO in general China is heavily dependent on gas and oil from the Russia and Iran. Something they would like to drop. The situation we have in disputed See is only serving Moscow purposes, as there is nothing better for them that open conflict between the West and the China.

The government in Bejiing seems to understand this very well. They has very quickly caught the Lord idea and thus their wording expressed their support: “China prepares massive lay-offs and compensation" You could read yesterday on Russian RT. It is something that Kremlin must fears so much,

While the Lord is no closing himself for an peaceful solution the next World War is on the table.
A War for Fusion. A war for independence from oil. With massive lay-offs and a huge compensation. The Cold Fusion.

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