Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Circle of God Case

Our community around God's Hand is growing rapidly. After just a month we have more that 100 followers on Google+ and Facebook. It is similar size to Circle of God's Case of Andrzej Towiński and Adam Mickiewicz.

The Circle of God's Case was enacted on 1 June 1842 by 17 people. Not much but they was focused not on number but on quality of folowers. They has believed that individuals gathered in the Circle will create “God's troupe” that will have special role in creating The Kingdom of God.

A key question  for Towianizm was constant fight of good and evil, a fight between spirit and matter that was ruling whole world, Therefore the practical sense of this teachings was to create from human – that was so far powerless in face of evil – soldier of Christ. A moral revival was going to bring freedom, also political. “From fight inside and from victory depends all outer strength” - written Mickiewicz.

Therefore we needed to take victory inside of ourselves and as consequence we will destroy all evil of the world. Mickiewicz understood that Towiański was thinking not only about Poland but “for whole globe, whole mankind, when it wanted to lift up everything that fallen: family, nation, religion”.

Organization wanted also deep reform of the Catholic Church therefore it tried to involve Pope Gregory XVI but without any success.

The Circle has been enacted by Andrzej Towiański but later an important figure has become Adam Mickiewicz. However Mickiewicz disaffection by lack of support for armed activities has left Towiański and enacted his own Circle of Split in God Case.

This split has been caused also because of “Act Chodźki” announced on 29 November 1844. It was a letter to Tsar Nicolaus I in which they has stated that minions of Tsar are divided by memory of mutual harms but “not brothers shall judge brothers” Therefore it needs to break the escalation of hate and begin “new age of Christianity”.

Tsar “leading so many of Slavic nations” shall make everything for “earthly interest no longer detract brotherly sympathy”. Because Russia “has kept primal simplicity of soul, therefore though of God lies upon her and through fulfillment of it Russia, devoted to God, will become powerful and happy”.

While we are living almost 200 years later and Russia no longer occupies Poland but, some of Towianski and Mickiewicz thoughs are like counterbalance for growing Bolshevism

These toughts are still actual and we had expressed them in our letter to Dimitri Medvedev. Also, as Mickiewicz Circle we are working on comming of the Kingdom of God and enacted a 9 point Manifesto that we had sent to Pope Benedict. If You are interested in joining us please follow us on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter

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