Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cold Anger

"Revenge, revenge on enemies,
With God or even despite of God"
Adam Mickiewicz, Forefathers

By revealing truth on his Son the Lord has put his Western allies in difficult situation. They can be really angry on him, as he thwarted their Cold Fusion plan.

He has already stated that is not willing to give the Cold Fusion to the mankind now and prefers OPEC deal. The interest of his family is not always same of the West. Moreover he has warned PiS that can induce war upon the country if they will not stop their Nazi march. They did not and now possibility of war is a fact.

By making this revelation he has also payed a honor debt to his brother Dimitri Medvedv and Mr. Vladimir Putin that unlike others campers always proudly and firmly stand on his side providing exceptional support on the battlefield.

Moreover he did this in the self-defense. He was not willing to die in silence, as Bronislaw Piludski murdered by the bottle of wine and throw into the Seine river. This is a ultimate threat we are facing now. The Nazi and Bolsheviks could use the secret of Messiah against our group. Eliminating us one by one. Including the Lord.

Now it is time to think of how to act in the new status quo. Ultimately it are Poles, not Americans that will decide on the future of the world. They will decide if they want to go on War with Russia or will have long lasting peace with our brotherly nation.

The Lord move has changed situation for the West but Lord is a free man and it is he and his son that is deciding if this is right time for the Cold Fusion. Lord knows that his Son would do exactly the same having in mind his and family business, as well his own security.

It is true however that the Nazi and Bolsheviks has gained one more reason to claim revenge on the Lord. Beside the Smolensk row it is now a fact that the Lord is not willing to give the Cold Fusion for the special price. It is true but the West cannot have everything he wishes.

The Lord has been cheated by them. They has throw him on the margin of the society. Allowed for his homelessness and imprisonment for long years. Only because he had a son he has been treated like a trash by the faithfuls.

Now they want the Lord to be nice for them. They has forgotten how they has treated him since he has been grow. The way the West handled his issue is no different from what Soviets did with his father and grandfather and will be perfect indicator for his Son when he will be making the Judgment over the world.

After giving the Cold Fusion, as Poland, he would be left waiting for the revenge from the East. Whatever they are Nazi or Bolsheviks they always want the same and yesterday it was perfect example of Polish nationalists that gave clear display of their true intentions and ideology.

Now both Nazi at West and Bolsheviks at East must count that by eliminating Lord and his campers they will push the world into new World War. That is why the Lord made this decision having in mind his best interest and the way it is treated by the West. You cannot have everything You wish, Mr. Obama. The Lord has increased Your chances of surviving. Otherwise you will have no chance to defend yourself and personały You shall be grateful.

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  1. In memory of 25yr father-to-be revealed as ‘Russian Rambo’ that died fighting ISIS in Palmyra