Monday, March 28, 2016

Deal for Poland

The fact of existence of Messiah changes dramatically many things. If it comes to the Cold Fusion it can mean a new World War.

Because of Russia that would lose most on the introduction of the Cold Fusion this issue is very delicate. The price of introduction of it would be new major regional conflict with a possibility to escalate into the III World War.

To avoid it the Lord has come up with the initiative to postpone introduction of the Cold Fusion in exchange for parts in profits from oil and gas exports as well the security guarantees for his country.

Now the situation has complicated, as it is not only the Lord but also his son that is deciding on that matter. However if no deal will be reached the Russians would be forced to launch invasion on Poland to secure Lord nest and block possibility of giving this technology to the mankind.

Is there any way to avoid such dark scenario? The only is through negotiating a deal with the OPEC. Deal that would include both Lord and his son in it.

The Lord proposal is simple. Initially the OPEC cartel would pay up an amount of 5 billions of dollars to the two and since the year 2033 will pay one billion dollars each year. The deal would be valid for 100 years until next Judgment that would be held in 2133. If the Russians would invade the country the deal would be broken and the Lord and his son would be free to share this technology with the world what could happen in matter of 24 hours.

The biggest obstacle in reaching the agreement would be a fact that the Lord and his son are separated psychically. This must change and both must talk with each other to establish the trust between the parties and secure the deal.

This separation is then a biggest challenge that not only the Lord but also OPEC cartel faces and all sides involved must break it to achieve durable peace. The Poles must cooperate in this deal because the alternative is a regional war that would happen in next couple of years. A war in which Poland would again lose independence to Russia Federation for another century.

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