Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter Wishesh

My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. 
Psalm 121:2

On the eve of the Easter Lord is happy that more that 200 people has stopped for a moment in their journey through the Internet and listen or rather read his words directly. It is a double of size of God's Case Circle of his proceeder Adam Mickiewicz de Poraj while it is just 6 weeks after creation of it,

You all are a true hope of this world and the Lord is very thankful for a time You spend almost everyday to learn mysteries of Jewish Kabbalah and the Script that drives it. As You has noticed it is centered around the Lord and his Ladies. But what would be a man without his other half. The woman.

You are true hope and light in this darkness that slowly surrounds this planet. The true daemons of Nazism and Bolshevism are rising their Satanic banners and preparing to overtake the global affairs. There is still a time to stop their efforts before will be to late.

You are doing this through sharing the knowledge and the Word of God with Your friends. Its truly Apostolic work. You are true successors of Apostles of the Christ and from You the Lord will choose those that will create the God's Troupe. The Soldiers of Christ.

A troupe that will play a direct role in coming of the God Kingdom on the Earth. The Enemies does not have a choice, a cometh coming every century straight to the Earth does not give them any. The Lord this time will be no longer invisible. He will reach a masses directly. Taking his throne among the United Nations.

Lord proceeder, Adam Mickiewicz, has come with this idea of 'the New Age of Christianity' to late. Until 1833 he was not aware of the power that the cometh gives him over the fate of this planet and people living here. Now, the promises he has made will become a reality and the Lord will be given back a place among the nations on which he truly deserves.

These are opportunities that coming year 2033 gives us. Our Enemies does not notice it yet but the Lord influence will be increasing with every day closer to this date. Closer to the Day of the Judgment. Those who see Internet as a source of religious revolution are not wrong. We will be raising in both the number and the power. 

Once again the Lord want to thank You for begin with him and sharing his word. On occasion of coming Easter he wants to wish You everything best and foremost endurance in studding God's Word and the science of Kabbalah. This time they will not crucifix the Son of the God.  Not only because of the Cometh but foremost because of the Holy Bible they are not able to do so, They can only surrender to the Lord and his Majesty.

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God bless You!

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