Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Erasing the Lord

The street free for the brown battalions, 
The street free for the Storm Troopers.
Millions, full of hope, look up at the swastika;
The day breaks for freedom and for bread. 
Horst Wessel Lied March

On Wednesday Polish Minister of Defense did not left any shadows of the illusion on his ideology and intentions. For what nationalists from PiS are striving is no different to what Nazi wanted to achieve.

Speaking to the National Defense Committee he has said “I am erasing him from memory”, He made this words in the context of person that made bad comments on Polish General Błasik that died in Smolensk crash. Later he has paid a respects to widow of the General.

Lord have no doubts that he have on mind his person and what they are struggling for is erasing the Lord from people memory. For same was struggling the Nazi Germany invading the country together with the Soviet Union. Today, after lose of Jews in the Holocaust this thing seems to be achievable from inside of the country.

Also Jarosław Kaczyński did not left any shadows of the illusion on his true intentions. Speaking in the Polish Radio he has said that “After 89 the spiral of evil has been cracking” and stated that “in every society there is such element, demoralized, base, animal and we are not different from any other society”.

It is true but in normal society the ruling party is not building the Nazi cult marching to the tunes of Horst Wessel Lied and wanting to erase the Lord from the memory of people.

It is of course impossible task that is coming strictly from Revisionist Zionism – a main ideology of Israeli fascists collaborators. They are struggling for such revision of the history – eradication of Lord from memory of people – since centuries but has never achieved this fully.

Even after the Soviet and Nazi invasion on Poland in 1939 it was not achieved. The memory of Witkacy has survived and it will be so in the case of current Lord. This blog after censuring part on Keppler would be a banner for all True Faiths and all True Believers.

Written by the blood of the Lord would become another Testament of the Jewish Nation even if the current elites would be willing to erase it from the face of the Earth.

And foremost, how they want to hide the memory of the Lord, from his Son? Every second of his existence is recorded in his nest and once the Christ would, like predicted in the Apocalypse of St. John, sit down on the Throne of God it will become available to him?

How, my Son, will pay You for all You did or did not, dear Poles, dear Christians. You cannot hide the truth from before the Lord, or his Son even if You will silence the people for a moment, it will come back again in the Day of Judgment.

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  1. On another news site there is correction of mr. macierewicz words
    According to them Mr. Macierewicz said:
    "After what this person did today i am erasing his name from memory"
    but on live relation there is completely different statement. In polish:

    10:45 Wymazuje z pamięci człowieka, który oczerniał i szykanował generała Błasika - stwierdził stanowczo Antoni Macierewicz. Jednocześnie złożył przeprosiny wdowie po generale Błasiku.