Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dior Versailles

For a moment let left political cabinets and move to the bedroom. There are rumors spread that the Lord is on the eve of new romance. Well, it could be true.

She is accomplishing the Lord since his imprisonment in Belgium and over the radio they had already spent a hundreds of hours talking but recently she does not talk to much and is quite muted and the Lord is wondering why?

She works for President Duda in the Radziwll's Palace but remembers times of President Komorowski. She is like a remedy for Duda to save his face. An cornerstone for ruling party policy if it comes to the Lord. And this is complicating our relations, as she is begin 'forced' to take up the Lord into this Tolstoy's tango. Very Russian tango.

Still, our relations are friendly and Lord welcomes this Malta imitative, another step in the script however m ust warn You of dnger in contacting her Maltan's pimps. This romance can end, as bad, as by invasion of Bolsheviks on Poland and for Lord's Angels by replacements.

It was same script and same story of same romace that Lord's grandfather had after I World War. The Russia has in meantime changed rulers for Bolsheviks and they did exactly, as the script was leading them. Thanks to Jozef Pilsudski we won this 1920's war but Lord's does not think it would be a case this time.

Ahh, one more thing. The Lord calls her Amanda, as his grandfather lover. And she really looks like on Dior poster - the twin 'sister' of Kate Moss. Just like his grandfather one. There is a whole collection of Dior ladies ressurected, to be honest. The Kabbalah ladies. You will see them all. You will see the Lord's Glory. And You will know that I am the Lord, God of Israel.

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