Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gear shift

"Poland has not yet perished,
So long as we still live." 
Polish National Anthem

In this year's Easter the Lord has changed a gear for higher one by revealing the truth on existence of Messiah. Thus this the play has become more dangerous but also more authentic.

He did not had any choice. The truth is that he is no longer protected bythe Holy Bible. Also coming of the comet is not protecting him directly unlike Witkacy, The Nazi and Bolsheviks can be really happy and if this would be a secret they would use this against the Lord while he and his Allies would not have any chance to defend himself.

There is also more personal reason. The Lord have big respect to current leadership of Russia and it was kind of honor debt to pay by revealing the truth. It is true that it has thwarted Western plans completely and now they face a real war if want to obtain the Cold Fusion but Lord was beholding this to his brother and well interest of Poland is not always same of that of the United States and Western Europe.

Still for Poland there is a choice. They can choose between war and long lasting peace with the Russian Federation. But even if they will choose the war there would be open question if this are Polish or Nazi forces fighting in it. And for what they are fighting?

The play has been made more authentic. It is no longer fear of the God that would drive the people. The Lord can only count on his soft-powers and true Allies in this eternal battle between evil and good. The battle for people hearts and minds.

The question is open. How much the Nazi ideology has eaten the souls of the people? Is there any chance for mankind? There could not be better ruling in that matter that this one that is written by the blood of the God.

The Christ would not need God's power to determine if it is a time to destroy this fallen civilization. Determine, if Christianity, with all imperfection of it has lost the battle with the Nazism and Bolshevism. The dead body of God would be best proof in this Judgment.

The Hitler and Stalin until 1939 could only dream of such situation. The problem is that when the possibility of killing the Lord has become true they has used it with all power and now when the Malta clones would be installed we can really see another 'suicide' of the Lord.

What the Judgment would Christ make if there will be no longer a God - his father - on this planet. Would he follow him to the skies?

This is a question on character of not only Poland but whole Christian World. Will Christianity loose this time? This spiritual battle of justice is no different from the Grunwald one. The Malta Order is evil and twist but is it Teutonic?

It is an question that this time stands before the Christ and the answer can be undeniable. What he will do then? Will he destroy the civilization after observing such thing? What a future would await on him after the Judgment? The truth is that the God has been long time forsaken and abandoned by the people but will a word become a body?

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