Monday, March 28, 2016

Holy Trinity and Cold Fusion

So it is a fact. The Lord have a Son and together with the Holy Spirit it is classic Trinity now. The only thing the Lord regrets is that he cannot raise his son.

Can Poles be happy now? The main obstacle – The Holy Bible – is no longer a problem but other issues remains. 

But let's take a look on the history and say that the Poland was only powerful when the Lord had a real family. It is a truth since the battle of Grunwald to the partitioning of Poland.

When the family of the Lord – Radziwiłł – was in power also the Commonwealth of Both People was important player on the world stage. Since we lost independence the Lord has lost a family and vice versa.

In times of partitioning and later with one exception of Wincenty Piłsudski Lord every generation was changing the name and the father never knew the son. It will be again a case there and again bad omen for Poland.

The Malta play however will continue until sad end. The Lord is not so powerful, as he would like to be but will still insist on his objectives. They will ask him in 2033 to judge the mankind but if his requirements would not be meet he will refuse to save the world this time.

Instead he will ask his son to be a judge and if the situation would be not satisfactory he would recommend him to depart from this planet to find new one. It will be probably an end to this civilization.

The history of the Lord is history of never ending despair and oppression. The Lord has though that he will change the course of the story this time but again he has lost on his animal like desire. Well, the people of this planet have a right to have assurance for their future and if they play with the rules the Lord will don't say anything.

But can the Poles be happy? The answer is no. They has made a situation in which Russia Federation will be soon forced to launch invasion to secure access to the Lord nest and to block possibility of giving the mankind Cold Fusion.

The Lord having a son is no longer in position to negotiate any agreement with the OPEC and the Russian will have no other choice that to take up Poland by force. Lord is 100% sure that this is a fate of Poland unless they will make same agreement with his son. But time is runing fast and the Poles would probably not cooperate.

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