Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How many survived?

We know all that in largest concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau 1 500 000 people, mostly Jews, has lost their lives but how many of them has survived in Poland? Lets take a look at the numbers.

Recently dr. Michał Bilewicz social psychologist from University of Warsaw said in Polish Radio: “We do not know Jews. On question how many of them is in our country often we reply million or hundreds of thousands. And we have them maximum 20-30 thousands”.

The biggest centers of Jews in Poland - official Jewish communes - are Warsaw (500), Wrocław (300) Łódź (250) and Kraków (150). However in the common laudry from 2011 - 7 508 Poles declared nationality Jew. What is interesting in same laudry from 2002 this number was only – 1133.

Therefore we are observing a true renaissance of Jewry in our country. Through 9 years number of those declaring that are Jews had grow by more that 700%.

But lets look on data from before the Holocaust. Before II World War according to common laudry from year 1931 8.6% people declared that they are Jews. According to same laudry in Poland lived in total 35.8 millions people. It gives a number of 3 millions of those that declared they are Jews.

Even if we will set that everyone that died in Auschwitz-Birkenau was Jew, somewhere we are still missing 1 500 000 Jews. They has disappear somewhere. But where? Big part of them has been for sure executed in other places of extermination but not all.

We can point out on antisemitic period in Communist Poland when Jews was often forced to emigrate to Israel. However according to official data until 1960 Poland has left 51 000 Jews and according to same statistics only 45 000 has stayed. The Israeli six-days war in Poland has increased anti-semitism and in years 1968-1972 another 30 000 has emigrated.

What has happened to this that did not left Polan? Prime Minister in government-in-exile, Stanisław Mikołajczyk has told in 1944 that in occupied Poland there is still 800-900 000 Jews. This number was decreased few months later by the Home Army that stated that in Poland 500 000 Jews has survived the Holocaust.

Even if it was only 500 000 that survived and around 81 000 from them emigrated to Israel we are missing more that 400 000 Jews. Compared to 7 500 Poles that declares themselves as Jews nowadays it is huge difference.

The answer is simple. Mikolajczyk and Home Army was talking about Jews in racial terms. A Jews by birth not only the converts. This missing number of Jews has not evaporated. They has disowned or was not conscious of they own Jewishness.

They no longer are believing in Judaism and are not circumcised. But still, they are of Jewish blood, a Jewish race and would be persecuted by the Nazi. Therefore, we shall then call them a Christian Jews.

The problem is that we do nothing for those people to return to their original faith and culture. Through Holocaust and Communism in Poland we had lost almost total population of those that was  aware of their Jewishness. 

Now there is some optimistic trend and number of awaken Jews in Poland has grow from  1000 to 7500 but it still a drop in ocean. The potential in Poland is much bigger. Few hundreds thousands. Why we do not use it? Why we do not awake Poles?

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