Friday, March 25, 2016

How to survive?

 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; 
Romans 1:18
Our opponents slowly track down situation in which they are. Painting the cometh phenomen like a terrorism they try to find out the way to survive it. It is only the Lord that would decide if this would be the end.

One of survivors of terrorist attack in Brussels has told the news that “To survive You must be as little as You can in the face of terrorists.” But this will not help You in the case of God's wrath.

The Lord is able to look deeply in the hearts and minds of everybody and all together. He will check if the Nazism and antisemitism has eat You and if the answer would be positive he will depart to another planet destroying completely this one.

What to do then? Like Adam Mickiewicz observed first you must defeat the evil inside of You to be able to defeat it outside. You must try to understand the Lord and understand the evil behind the Smolensk to win this battle inside of You.

The Nazi minded people that are under influence of corporational and public media are feed each day by dr. Goebels like propaganda about the Lord. This way they are heading to the doomsday.

The key to understand Nazism is to understand that their followers are not able to act against the Lord now. They are waiting then patiently but not loosing the time they stir up the people against their Lord.

This time this strategy would not work. Unlike his grandfather the Lord is no longer afraid of his people because he has lost them in the Holocaust. This one he have in the Israel are not so bound to him and to be honest he does not care about them as much just as they does not care about him.

He is very selfish this time. Of course he still see a chance of correcting things on this planet and even has presented nine points list of things that must happen before year 2033 but true rulers of this globe are not interested in this.

What they do is spreading antisemitic propaganda and building their ranks on the Smolensk crash, just like Nazi was doing in time of Lord grandfather in the rhythm of Horst Wessel Lied anthem.

This will end in the catastrophe because the Lord will simply weight Your souls and will destroy this civilization. There is no way to hide true intentions before his eyesight. You cannot take up a mask and simulate affection. He will look deeply into You and will discover deepest secrets and intentions.

What to do then? You must change inside. You must understand the Lord and the Kabbalah. You must understand Smolensk and You must teach your friends of this revelations. There is no other way. You will never cheat the Lord. Your God.

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