Tuesday, March 22, 2016


'I will say however: not a fright at all,
A living woman in nonwater, Face has bright, lips like wattle,White hair bathed in the water' 
Adam Mickiewicz,Świteź (1822)
It was on months before Smolensk crash. Melanie has come to Amsterdam to meet the Lord and reconcile. Both did not suspected what Malta Order had for them in their ancient script.

She has came to her sister but main reason was a desire to meet with the Lord and reconcile after the break she has made. It was on the eve of the New Year. A good time for such a move.

Melanie was going on this evening to the boat where Lord was living. She was happy as they did not saw each other for long time. But she has never meet the Lord.

On her way the Amanda storm division was waiting in hide. On of them has come on her back and hit her with the bottle into the head. He was looking like a Lord because had a characteristic hat that they has stolen from him a days before.

The Lord has just heard the splash in the water of channel. They has drop the body into it and disappeared in the night. When he has come out of the boat it was to late to see anything.

It is similar story and same girl – Czesia Okinska - that his grandfather lost in same way near Warta river. Same girl and same story of Praski Port his father had. Same one that they was meeting through the ages but they has blamed him for the murder. And the Smolensk crusade has started. And has drow in the Holy Bible..

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