Saturday, March 12, 2016

Augustyn Gorzeński

In second part of Names of God series we are presenting You - Augustyn Gorzenski – Polish General and Freemason and foremost forefather of the Lord.

Ignacy Augustyn Michał Gorzeński (1743 – 1816) senator, chamberlain, aide and chief of Military Office of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski and his general. Coauthor of Polish Constitution of 3 May.

Was first incarnation of the Lord that was born and grow up in the conspiracy. One of two sons of Michał “Rybeńko” Radziwiłł hidden in the shadows of Jewish Kabbalah. Last of the Lords that had signifant estate.

His military carrier started as Ensign of Poznań in 1778. Later bought a degree of Capitan of National Cavalry. A Member of Parliament since 1778. In 1786 he bought from General Jan Komarzewski general's patent and quickly has become advanced by King Stanisław August Poniatowski on General-Major and chief of his Military Office.

He has stayed loyal to King Poniatowski to the end. Changing together with him views and orientation. He has supported Constitution of 3 May. In 1794 he has supported Kosciuszko insurection and during upraising against partitioning powers he was sent to Lithuania to organize it there.

He was still present in Kosciuszko surrounding and was mediating with Russian Suvorow capitulation of uprisers. To not lose estate after III Partitioning of Commonwealth made a loyalty oath to the Prussia and was appointed as honorary General of Prussian Cavalry.

After 1795 he has dedicated his life to Freemasonry. He has rebuild in that time his Palace in Dobrzyca that to this day is a symbol of Polish Freemasonry movement. He was a close friend of Jozef Wybicki author of lyrics to Polish National Anthem.

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