Monday, March 28, 2016


"Robed his father, for higher purposes
philosophical conquest, wherever is possible"

Kiss of Mongol Prince, Armia (2003)

Kabbalah has many secrets, like those of replacement of world leaders. But sometimes this secrets are personal one while can have dramatic influence over the life of the Lord.

Such is a secret of Lord grandfather and his father that was know, as Witkacy. The Poles recently made a movie entitled Mystification. In this move Witkacy did not commit a suicide and lives later in communism.

It is partially true. It must be underscored that for the Lord the act of 'suicide' of Witkacy is still big mystery that once he will solve when will access his nest. The fact of Witkacy second life in Soviet Poland is not far from the truth.

It has started back in 1917 when Witkacy was begin free of his service in Tsar's Lejbgwardia (Life Guards). Then in St. Petersburg he has probably meet mother of my grandfather. In that time he has painted “A kiss of the Mongol Prince” but it was not only a kiss.

From this short relation the son of Witkacy has been born – Lord grandfather. What is notable he was keep in the biggest secret at least until the time of so called mysterious 'suicide' of the artist. The Malteses while could kill Witkacy at any time did not made this. The whole Malta play has been played, as it is in the script.

It was Witkacy that has saved a mankind from the comet in 1933 and probably also in 1944. His hier – Lord grandfather was not introduced to Kabbalah, similar to his son and Lord father. They has lived in communism a normal life without knowing of their origin. Until Lord has came on this world.

That is why Lord have this Pilsudski mole on the edge of his right ear .A genetic sign the Lords always bear.

In 2003 Polish rock group Armia has released an album entitled "Kiss of Mongol Prince" and the Lord suspect it was not acciddent. The Lord had such an adventure back in 2001/2 but thinks that the race of the lady was Aryan one thus the offspring would be somebody like Jozef Stalin.

However, if Maltese have already true hier of the Lord they must know that the Lord, unlike Witkacy, will not rescue the world if all his requests would not been meet and will recomend his son to destroy this fallen civilization without taking care of the consequences. Even if the Messiah is alredy born You cannot sleep peacefully, dear Maltese.

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