Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kim Justice

When North Korean Kim-Jong-un has pledged “retaliatory battle of justice” and announced “miserable end for the US and the Park group” the Lord has taken his words deeply to heart.

It is not only because Malta Order, as almost every generation, is preparing to replace Lord's camp but also for personal reasons. This Amsterdam bottle has not once been used to score revenge on him.

When he was little kid the Soviet Security has come and taken his father also in name of revenge for Port Praski bottle. His grandfather has came out in same time. as his father. This was planed of total anihilation but come out as the sikness of Gorbachev,

And grandfather of his grandfather also meet very dead end for same events - same tragic romance. It was almost end of the I World War. He was working at that time for the Independency Committee of Roman Dmowski in Paris. He was returning from some meeting late at night and they has cached him and throw into Sekwana river.

The police has found the body and after four days has identified it as Bronisław Piłsudski, older brother of Jozef. They did not made any investigation but has declared that he has commit a suicide.

The Lord thinks that same bottle was also a reason for Adam Mickiewicz, author of poem Świteź, death in Istanbul in XIX century.

But Kim will need to wait a long time before will be able to score such a victory on the Lord and the Lord doubts if Kim will survive this if will involve himself in the replacement operation. The Lord will request 3000 of souls of those who put a hand into this plot and Kim can be on that list too.

Beside this when the Day of the Judgment will come Lord will weight people souls to check if this Nazi ideology has overtaken their hearts and minds. If so, he will simply depart to another planet.

And until that time, the Lord is not afraid of himself. He is well protected by his nation and the Holy Bible. What worries him most is the fate of his allies.  

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