Sunday, March 27, 2016

Malta clowns

It is maybe hard to believe but some of world leaders have their genetic clones waiting to replace them. It is maybe biggest secret of Kabbalah.

Some may disbelieve but the Lord has already meet some of clones on his way. Most notorious is the clone of his own mother – Our Lady of Jasnagora. She – the Maltese replacement – is easiest to trace down as was living in the Presidential Palace. The Lord girlfriend Amanda has told him about her and the Lord personally talked with her two or three times.

The other ones he has meet during his stay in Brussels. He had a direct contact with Obama, Putin, Tusk and Nethanyahu clones. It was made by Malta Order to make impression that the Lord is part of the team while is deadly opponent of this replacements.

There are probably other replacements waiting for world leaders. The one Lord is afraid most is the replacement of Hilary Clinton. Although he has never meet her the recent KKK endorsement is proving her presence.

Psychically this clones are no different from originals. The only notable difference is in the color of their eyes – that usually are blue. They are not dangerous from itself but the roles they have made them deadly threats.

The mechanic of the replacement is simple. Clone of world leader or member of Lord family clone – mother or sister – is going to replace original after that begin slain. The clone is just a puppet of Malta Order and those who installed him.

He does not have any bigger impact, as is just repeating what others want to hear. He can be influential but only on those that did not noticed replacement. The problem is that this group of people that has installed the clone is given much of the power of the original. They grow in power and usually they shall not, as are pretty unpredictable.

Later a purge is made on those that was supporting the original. They are begin removed from center of power and those that installed the clone takes a prim. 

The operation of replacements has been postponed many times and now the Lord expect it will take a place after elections in US and Russia.

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