Friday, March 4, 2016

Moses or Pharaon

Soon commission on Smolensk crash will start their work. Soon also a meeting of National Security Council has been called by President of Poland, Andrzej Duda. In his latest letter the Lord is advising and warning him of the consequences of falling to the Malta's black-mall. Mr. Duda can be a Moses or a Paharaon for his people and whole nation.

President RP, Andrzej Duda
Kancelaria Prezydenta RP,
ul. Wiejska 10
00-902 Warsaw

I will do this thing also that you have spoken: for you have found grace in my sight, and I know you by name
Exodus 33:17

Dear Andrzej,
For first let me congratulate You on becoming President of III Commonwelth of Poland as I so far did not had occasion to do so.

I know about Your plans regarding my person and Ms. Amanda and I must say I would warmly welcome and appreciate this Maltan initiative. However it is not case I am addressing You.

You has taken the Presidential Palace that is in very bad state. While it is corrupted since at least President Kwasniewski and the case of Jean Paul II it has been truly ruined by the events of year 2012. In that year when there in the Palace worked a predecessor of Ms. Amanda a terrible event had a place.

This young and close to the Lord's heart lady has been raped, as part of occult practice by some of Maltan's Cavalries. President Komorowski did nothing to investigate this case that is source of corruption surrounding You. The military commander that is responsible for this shocking event is still in the place and no consequences has been taken.

I am advising You to take a care of this event, before You will take next steps in the script. I am advising and at same time warning you of the consequences of the script.

I know that You are in really hard situation under some black-mall by the Malta Order. You can lose Your position and career if you will not fall to the demands but in case You will follow Malta I must warn You.

It is hard choice that You must take. It is truly Biblical one. If you will fall to the demands You will become a true Pharaon. If You will resist You will be like Moses, not only to Your party but to the whole Polish nation. Even if You will be forced to talk through Your political brother Aaron, You will be a true hero in not only Polish people hearts.  

Like Pharaon You could drown best people of Your party if not whole nation in the Red Sea or like Moses You could lead Your people through it.

If You will allow to install replacement You will destabilize the world affairs and give the Russia into hands of Bolshevistic. How this would end for the country the history has show not once.

I warn You also because of more personal case. You shall be loyal to Our Mother of God of Jasna Gora not to this one that is right now in our Palace. Teutonic one, the Mother of God but of House of Germany.

I do not need to say what kind of wrath You can take on yourself. We are heading towards the Judgment of the Lord and nobody who puts a hand into this plans or neglects his duty will be safe from the Hand of the God. I hope You understand this well. You can lose a political position but You can also lost Your life. If You will fall to the Malta demands.

Truly Yours,

the Lord

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