Friday, March 11, 2016

Oil & Gas

While the Lord has opened his hand for the West and is willing to talk about sharing his Cold Fusion invention he is also open for those that are producing oil and gas for the Western and China needs. Below we are presenting his letter to the OPEC cartel.

Poraj 11.III.2016

Organisation of Petroleum
Exporting Countries
Helferstoferstrasse 17
Vienna, Austria

Dear OPEC members,
Assuredly You has heard a rumors that the Lord is ready to give the Cold Fusion to the mankind. I want appease You that this news is premature. Premature because there are yet no technical possibilities to access a place where the Lord stores this technology but foremost because Lord is not yet sure if will be willing to share it now.

The treatment of His person by the Western powers is terrible and it has achieved bottoms not noted yet in the history. On every step he meets with antisemitism and oppression of His person. That is why he thinks that West did not yet grow up for such groundbreaking invention.

It is truly breaking, as the consumer electronics devices would no longer need to be recharged but foremost because cars would no longer need a gasoline and the power plant would be obsolete.

You shall exactly know what it would mean to your sector. You all will lose a source of income and thus Your jobs. Your counties would no longer build their budgetes on the oil and gas export revenues. The time of prosperity would be over for You.

However not all is yet lost. The Lord is not sure what he will do when will access his nest. He can give this technology, keep it hidden for another century or just destroy this fallen civilization. This last for that moment is most probable.

He does not know yet what he would do but is opening his hand to You just as opened it to the US Department of Energy and is coming with some proposition.

Let's talk dear ladies and gentlemens Let's discuss this issue, maybe we will find a compromise, some kind of solution. 

The Lord would be maybe willing to postpone transfer of Cold Fusion technology for another generation. Maybe for some part of the profits from the industry that also has been created thanks to the Lord generosity and some security guarantees for his country he will be willing to not share this invention with rest of the world for now.

Let's talk dear OPEC members.
Truly Yours,

the Lord

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