Thursday, March 31, 2016

On crossroads

The situation is serious. To be or not to be question that Lord poses will have a fundamental meaning for upcoming Judgment of God but also on fate of Poland. If the Lord will be slain, the Poland would lost the hope for durable peace with the Russian Federation and will face a war. There is nothing between.

The ruling PiS however is more interested in drumming up the Smolensk spiral strengthened by the issue of Cold Fusion that the fate of their motherland. Jarosław Kaczyński has taken the position in which he is explaining the Poles why the Lord has been killed by “animals” not thinking about how to prevent this from happening.

Inside of his heart he cannot forgive the Lord that his brother did not crucified him in Smolensk and openly wish him a death. In their vision somebody random would kill the Lord and his revenge seeking would be satisfied.

The best option would be of course Russians, as for some time they will be able to erase Lord from memory of some, but this is rather not going to happen because not only for Poland but also to Russia and whole OPEC cartel the Lord is ambassador of peace. If they would lose him they would lose a chance for peace deal.

There is of course the Messiah but without his father it would be hard to build trust that is necessary in this case and on that the ruling PiS should focus if want to avoid Fusion War.

They does not care of the Lord, as they did not cared in the past. They has forgotten that Poland did not returned or compensated for the Jewish properties that was confiscated during the Holocaust and in time of Jozef Stalin.

Lord ancestor – Witkacy - only before the war - owned a hotel in Zakopane and villa in Mazury district. Witkacy has made also number of paintings that are now in public or private hands and are sold on auctions for thousands of Euro. It shall be compensated but they do not feel a need for this.

Beside this the Lord made a 9 point Manifesto in which he has pointed to the cases that shall be fixed if the upcoming ruling would be positive for the planet. There is only 17 years and there are a lot of efforts needed to make it a reality.

If this demands would not be meet, the Lord will not give positive opinion and would recommend his Son to destroy this fallen civilization.

The Poland has regained independence in 1998 but the elites did nothing to improve the situation of the Lord. Instead of this they are spiting on the national emblem having our history somewhere and wanting only to forget about the Lord saying like mantra 'Arbeit macht frei'.

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