Thursday, March 24, 2016

On NATO summit

Below You can find a Lord letter to the members of NATO that will be guests during the NATO Summit in Warsaw. In it he addresses a real possibility of invasion on Poland to block eventual transfer of Cold Fusion technology to the mankind.
Dear NATO member,
You has come to Warsaw to take strategic decisions on the future of NATO in our region. I want to put Your attention on the issue that will shape the borders not only in this part of the globe. I mean the Cold Fusion technology that the Lord would maybe offer to the mankind. 
As yet, the strategy of the West regarding this invention could be characterized in one sentence: “Keep calm and Fusion on”. It was based on assumption that the Russia and other members of OPEC would not notice that the Lord can give Cold Fusion when will be accessing his nest in 2033.

It was childish and very irresponsible strategy. It was naive to think that Russia will not notice such a possibility, It was also naive to think that the Lord will be willing to offer such an invention for 'special price'. 
This time You have to deal not with funny Adam Mickiewicz that until very last moment was not aware of power that lies in his hands. You have to deal with the Lord that is calculated and cool-headed.

The Lord is before very hard choice when it comes to the Cold Fusion. He prefers to not give it this time and postpone introduction of it for another century and already has written a letter in this matter to the OPEC. However the things in Russia can go other way that he wish and then there will be opportunity for You to negotiate the deal with the Lord..But will it be worth a price that the world will need to pay for it?
If this will be a case and no deal with the OPEC would be reached You will need to deal with the Russian Federation that is no longer headed by rationally thinking duo Putin-Medveved but a Russia that will be in hands of Bolsheviks. Bolsheviks that in their strategy will have an expansion to the West. 
It will be Russia that for with in any price will be defending their source of income from the export of oil and gas, Russia that in the face of Cold Fusion will act very desperately.

And while the Lord would not promise You anything You will be forced to defend the territory of Poland to the very end or recapture it for any price. The Russians will be forced to make an invasion on Lord land to capture his nest. It is such equation of the Cold Fusion.

If they will be in possession of the nest then the Lord will have no choice when it comes to the Cold Fusion. They will be not willing to allow for transfer of such a technology that would dramatically reduce their financial income and will make the West no longer dependant on oil and gas imports. 
In addition You must count with destruction of this fallen civilization if such situation will have place, as he will be not willing to stay on Russian side for another century or so.

The prospect of Russian aggression is real and if no deal will be stroke with the OPEC it will be only mater of time before Russians will invade Poland to capture Lord nest and block the transfer of Cold Fusion. It will be a matter of to be or not to be for them. You must take this into Your consideration when You will be drafting plans for future of NATO not only in this part of the globe.

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