Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Raga sisters

Recently, Mr. Obama suggested that the Lord shall not be afraid of Amanda – his long awaited girlfriend from the Presidential Palace. Lord because of her Aryan race is not afraid at all but have other, or rather two others girls in the mind at the moment.

The Lord mentioned it before. The Malta Order want him to have a son, black son and is offering in exchange one million dollars. Nice payment for quarter of hour of intensive work.

The Lord is also not afraid of this deal for a reasons he will explain later and will probably pick up this offer. However the devil is in the detail. Actually, what his grandfather did not knew, there are two Raga sisters. The one he need to choose will give him dreamed son. The other is going to be slain by Maltese.

The offer then is not a generous one. They made it for two reasons. For first because it is in their ancient Script. For second to put a Lord in difficult situation to lie away his reputation.

The one of twin sisters will give him a million dollars. The other one a happy period in life and a son born in natural way. Not like horses that they are inseminating.

It is like devil's trap. If the Lord will take 'rich' one – You will say he is without heart. If he will take 'poor' – You will say he is without mind. 

There is no way to escape this deal – if Lord will agree – they will kill 'poor' one. If he will not pickup the offer – they will slain 'rich' one. Real devil's trap. And the Lord still does not know what he will do, Which one he will save.

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