Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Campers

Today I had sit down at the foot of Tatra Mountains to take a deeper look into my camp. My campers for another time was very restless and often tossing on all sides.

The most painful is when You hear that it is over from the brother. I can understand their hunter-instinct but when they are doing such u-turn like last time. When they give their ears to this eternal anti-semitism or even are becoming a transmitters of it. It is real pain in the back.

They shall think lite bit if this is good time for another hunting or rather time to think on their own safety? By surprisingly turning to anti-semitism they are not building up the morale of their supporters. They need to be like a solid rock that will resists everything. Gale, storm or even hurricane.
That is we that are rightful and the history has show this not one time. There is no sense to give up to dr. Goebbels propaganda. It will not help them in anything. Their enemies are watching such moments of self-doubts with unhidden satisfaction.

They shall stop listening to their advisors that are giving such an advices. The Malta Order has created them and surrounded them. Made them a leaders but only to replace them by the devils. Listening to such advices they are heading on the edge of the abyss and they will be throw into it by these same Maltese hands that today are giving them such a tips.

Through all time of this dramatic events my campers are behaving like willingness puppets on the strings of the Malta Order. They does not think out of the box. Out of this Maltese Script. The only thing they do is in the best case staying on course.

It is very visible if it comes to material things. While they spend a billions on many different projects they has never shared even a cent with the Lord. This way he is now fully marginalized and does not have resources needed to effectively support their struggle. A struggle that in design of these Script have a very bad end for them.

In old times of Commonwealth the Lord was maybe richest man in the world and his influence was huge. Even in times of partitioning he still had signifant estate that made possible to coordinate work of Freemasonry movement.

Nowadays he owns nothing and nothing can do beside writing on this blog to, not counting our diplomatic post,  circle of around 100 persons. Our common Enemies with thier Goebbels propaganda are reaching millions times more.

This lack of imagination is killing You, my campers. This way people have an impression that You do not make any difference. If Lord will lose You there would be no difference. It is not true. If we will lose them the world affairs would get mad for years if not decades.

It would be beginning of National Revolutions. Nazi at West and Bolshevik on East . How it would end history had show in the past century. A time that the Lord will judge when the day will come. Weighting the souls is the only thing that has been left for the Lord.

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