Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Turning away from God

But Jesus answered them, “You are wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God." 
Matthew 22:29

In spite of the Messiah many Christians turns away from the Lord taking no care of him. They make big mistake. It is a Father that will aid and guide his Son and will take care about his future.

The Holy Trinity is the concept developed by Christianity. It softens the power of God because now two persons the Lord and his son will take decision on the future of the world.

Before the power of God was unlimited and the fear of his Judgment was key driving force by the proceedings of many. In spite of existence of the Messiah many are turning away from the Lord, declaring that the Christ is their Saviour. It is like denning the Old Testament in favor of the New while both are part of the same – the Holy Bible.

They are mistaken. The life of Lord will be most important factor in the decision on the saving of the world. It is an eternal pattern of Father and the Son and it is the Father that would influence life of his Son.

According to ancient tradition it shall be the Lord that will be asked in 2033 to save the world. If he will refuse then this role will take up the Son. And it is most probable proceeding as the Lord has declared that if his requirements would not be meet he will refuse this time to save the planet and will recommend his son to destroy it.

The Messiah will then access the nest where the knowledge, also on his true forefathers, would be open from before him. All the things that has happened and all the ways of the Lord will be visible to him as on open hand.

He will then take decision on the fate of the world and he will be able to weight people souls, to check if the Nazism has already toke your minds and hearts. It will be an important factor for him as this thing will be deciding on his future.

In the Kabbalah the future of the Father makes the future of his Son. What will happen to the Father would also happen to the Son .Not only in this sense the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are the one - the Holy Trinity.

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