Wednesday, March 2, 2016

War and Peace

Amid latest move regarding the Cold Fusion the Lord is not closing for his brothers and sisters in Russia. Bellow You will find a bit personal letter to Russian PM Dimitri Medvedev.

Poraj 2.III.2016

Prime Minister, Dimitri Medvedv
Moscow, Russian Federation

Dear Brother,
Dear Russians,
It is maybe first time since Adam Mxxx has written a direct letter to You but I think You are in danger and I want to help You, as I can.

The history has separated us by borders and often we needed to talk to each other, as opponents and even enemies but this time it is not yet so.

The Orthodox Church has also his secrets and I do not know how deeply You are introduced in it but let me say it is not an accident that You are so similar to the Tsar Nicolaus II. It is not an accident, not only by the function but also psychical appearance.

You, in Russia, must be concerned by my latest letters to the US Department of Energy and the Pope. The Cold Fusion is threating Your source of income and puts us, as direct opponents. This makes our troubled but brotherly relations in danger and makes a field for Your enemies to take an advantage of the situation.

If they would success, as was in case of Your forefather Tsar Nicolaus II I am confident that quickly our countries would engage in direct conflict that the outcome would be a war between us.

We must work closely to avoid such a scenario and to help You I want to assure You that I still see a peaceful solution to the Cold Fusion issue and soon will come out with the imitative to the OPEC cartel.

I hope this would put You in much safer position, as I see You, as the only one which I would like to talk about possible deal. Your person is a guarantee of this deal I want to propose.

On more personal basis I must admit I hope that relatively soon we will meet with You and Ilya and rest of Radziwill family in our palace in Dobrzyca where we will reconcile in brotherly manner. After more that 300 years. I hope and pray for You and Russia.

Truly Yours,
Your brother,
the Lord

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