Thursday, March 31, 2016

War was imminent

"Moreover - i want to say to all of You, especially to young ones:
do not stop in praying. You must always pray, never stop."
Jean Palu II, 1979

Wrong are those Poles that say that it is the Lord that has made a war with Russia. They does not think what would happen after the Messiah would give the Cold Fusion.

The truth is that he would be left by his Allies like a trash. Like a waste that waits for Russian to clean it. The revenge of Russian Federation would be terrible and cruel exceeding those we know from Katyn and Ostaszków.

The interest of the Lord is not always in common with those of the West but it always have on his attention the Polish cause and the Polish nation. Those that say that are erasing the Lord from memory because he told the truth to his Russian brother has long time ago did this, erased him from their memory, hearts and minds.

Those are antisemites that would use every argument against the Lord. They does not care about goodness of the country they think only about eliminating the Lord and would do it anyway.

The Lord has the vision of strong Poland. Poland that will be influential country in the region. He prays for this and prays for the peace deal with the Russians. This is the only way to assure long lasting peace among Polish and Russian nations.

The other way. That one that the West was presenting did not taken care what would be afterwards of Cold Fusion exchange. The Poland and the Messiah would be left alone as prey for the Russia. Waiting for her revenge.

Now we act in the situation that if West would like to have Fusion will need to mobilize and stand united against possible Russian aggression what the Lord hopes to avoid.

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