Sunday, March 6, 2016

Would Hitler rape Lord?

If there would be no war between the Soviet Union and Germany the Lord to save the planet would be captured on Nazi territory. Would then the Nazi decide to dissolve Jewish nation?

At the end of 1944 the Lord was in difficult position, as nowadays to the Earth was coming one of meteors and to stop it the Lord needed to access his nest. But the territory was occupied by the Nazi.

Thanks God in 1941 the Nazi has attacked Soviet Union and in effect of failed war the Soviets in 1944 has come to borders of Poland. However they did not captured the nest yet.

Therefore, there must been an arrangement between Nazi and Soviets so the Lord could access his nest on time and return safely to the non occupied territory. Probably in August 1944 when the Lord visited Moscow. The Soviet has liberated Częstochowa in January 1945 and it would be to late to stop the meteorite, so the Nazi had still a honor to respect such an agreement to save the planet.

There is of course question if the Lord would be willing to save the planet if the Nazi would not be defeated. The situation was horrific and the Lord could decide to not prolong that fallen civilization. Especially that Nazi has exterminated most of his people.

This was one of key factors motivating both Allies and Soviets to win that war. But what would happen if the Nazi would stop the Lord after he left the nest. Did the Nazi wanted to dissolve Jewish Nation, the Jewry in general?

They could not kill the Lord immediately. They could only rape him and then slain. But this would mean end of Jews forever. Would the Nazi do such a thing?

The answer seems to be no. Like a Soviets they would rather wait for the Lord to have an offspring and then eventually kill him, what a Soviet did not. Hitler was not fighting with the Jews in general but with the Jewish race. A Jews by birth.

Hitler and other Nazi leaders viewed the Jews not as a religious group, but as a poisonous "race," which "lived off" the other races and weakened them. After Hitler took power, Nazi teachers in school classrooms began to apply the "principles" of racial science. They measured skull size and nose length, and recorded the color of their pupils' hair and eyes to determine whether students belonged to the true "Aryan race.

The ones that was mostly vulnerable to the Holocaust was Jews by birth not the converts. We need to remember that the Nazi was actually in alliance with the Israel until 1943. Therefore it is probable that they would not dissolve the Nation and they would wait for the Lord to have a son.

Fortunately the history has come in the way it come and the Allies and Soviets took victory over the Nazi. We do not know what would happen with the Lord if he would be found in the Hitler hands. The Nazi has respected an agreement to save the planet. The one that did not was a Jozef Stalin but this is topic for another post.

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