Saturday, April 30, 2016


From the Lord terminal in Radziwiłł Palace in Warsaw many things can be done. It is not only heart attack but also inducing the cancer.

When Kaczynski announced that they has started a committee to build Smolensk monuments, notabene on on front of this palace, the Lord had a bad feelings. The recent words of ex Polish PM Olechowski that if he would be now in government he would have difficulties with sleeping sounds very true also for the Lord.

What Kaczynski committee is doing is not even nationalism it cannot be described in other words that fascism or just Nazism. He is frenzied by the wish of the revenge for Smolensk flight and his lost brother. But this is only facade of his madness. Deeper You will find a Malta crimes that he want to hide, forever.

When Lords wakes up in the early morning from the time of this Smolensk announcement he feels a pain in his larynx. It could be a sign of common cold if the Lord would not know the potential dormant in his Palace.

He thinks that also not be accident yesterday his 'relative' Konstanty Radziwiłł that is in Kaczynnski Minister of Health has announced that soon they will made a fight against tobacco smokers. The Lord have bad feelings that again his extraordinary technology will be used against him.

He already is sitting down with his lost son in their family nest and is telling him a story of the Jewish Nation. The story of the Weimar Republic.

Trump can be right

‘The only way to win World War III is to prevent it’
General Dwight Eisenhower 

One of US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump defending his foreign policy has stated that “We do not have any other choice”. Why it could be that he is very right?

It is not an accident that today on the semi-official Kremlin news agency Sputnik News you could beside reading that Putin is not going to give up Assad read an open question 'Russian Missiles Global Reach: Does Moscow Need Military Bases Aboard?'.

It is an quite open declaration of the intentions of Kremlin. Forced to defend their main source of income – the oil and gas, they will not back from anything. Including the nuclear option.

Why then one of Polish Internet portal stated that Trump doctrine is dangerous for the security of Poland? It is a cold reality. Nobody at the West will die for the Cold Fusion. Americans can and should be afraid of Russia nuclear arsenal.

The hard-liners at Kremlin seems to understand this very well. The threat of the Fusion War going global can paralyze Polish allies and whole NATO. Like in September 1939 we could be left alone in this war. A war that would be certain if not the Lord peace drive.

A drive that to be successful must be backed by both Poles and Russians. The statement of Trump is very brave and at same time quite realistic. He seems to understand how desperate Russians will be in their efforts to stop transfer of Cold Fusion.

The nuclear option is open and possible answer to NATO involvement in defense of Poland. Poles must understand this and must be ready to face Russian invasion alone. Therefore they must do everything to avoid a war. And the Lord has gave them a chance for this. Will they pick up it or will they stick to the war it is open question. Very Polish Question.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Russian Ministry of Energy

The first steps toward the Fusion War has been already taken up by the Americans but no progress has been made toward the peace. It is up to the Russians and OPEC cartel to make them. To change the situation Lord decided to address Russian Ministry of Energy.

As You all shall know in 2033 there will be possibility for the Lord or his Son to exchange Cold Fusion technology. A ground breaking invention that forever could change history of mankind.

We all know that such a thing would be against interest of the Russian Federation that based his budget on the income from oil and gas exports. We all know that in face of such exchange Russian Federation will not back from anything that could stop this from happening.

Both Poles and Russians are standing before hard dilemma. Before the War and Peace question. The answer they would give will become deciding on fate of whole globe, as the Fusion War would probably become III World War. 
To easy the situation the Lord has come with imitative to postpone this exchange for another century. But to do this, he need to make agreement with his lost Son. A Son that the Lord first need to find. 
The way of peace is certainly harder that this of the war but we all must undertake it, if we want to save millions of lives that otherwise will be lost on the battlefield and in bombarded cities. 
To achieve the peace both sides must show understanding of how complex the situation is. Both sides must build a trust without that the peace deal will be not achieved.

But it is up to the Russian Federation and the OPEC cartel to make first step on the road of peace. The huge social campaign must be undertaken. Great lobbying effort in which good-will of the Polish government will be a key one. 
There is not too much time left before magical year 2033 will come. For that reason the Lord is addressing You. To start the talks and make very first steep on the road of peace. Peace and prosperity for another century.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Lost Peace?

The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.

Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

The latest deployments of American forces to the Eastern Europe are a strong signal that at least US President Obama is taking seriously the Polish Question and the Russian threat related to the Cold Fusion technology.

Also in Poland the Minister of Defense takes this threat seriously and announced increasing by half the size of Polish Army. The Russians are maybe surprised and are complaining but must understand that the politicians at West started to realize the threat related to the Cold Fusion.

It is only matter of time before Russians will enter this race and will start to arm and prepare themselves for the Fusion War.

Is then hope for peace lost? It depends mainly from Poles. The American moves are so far symbolic and we do not know how the West will behave in the face of the invasion of Russians to secure access to the Lord nest.

Through the years of the Cold War they did not decided to retake it and ask the Lord for the Cold Fusion, so we do not know if they will be ready to sacrifice their troops in such a war. At the end it can come that nobody in Europe is willing to die for this ground-breaking technology.

For that reason Poles cannot close themselves for the peace deal that the Lord is offering. Both options the War and Peace need to be taken seriously but it is up to the Russians and OPEC cartel to make first step.

The campaign to reunite Father and Son – the Lord and the Messiah – must be prepared and it will be one that must be organized on the large scale. The lobbing effort must be serious, as serious would be a peace wish on both sides.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Incrossable border

After recent statement of Pope Francis in head of most shall lit up the red light. Maybe it is a time to return to tradition that the Pope is elected only from the Italian cardinals. European at last.

The Pope was always elected from the Italians and it has changed by the election of Jean Paul. After him we had Bavarian one and now Argentinian.

What is wrong with him? Well, he has made a statement at the occasion of the meeting with American candidate on the President Bernie Sanders. The Pope has made a direct comment that all his critics shall visit the psychiatrist.

Similar thinking has lead the Lord people – the God chosen people – into the gas chambers of Auschwitz Birkenau and other Nazi concentration camps. What does Pope want to hide if is turning against the God and his people? Is this same – the death of Jean Paul II – that other Malta Cavaliers want to forget?

The question is open. But we see in this statement not only horrific, so far hidden, antisemitism of the Pope but also a contradiction to the European interests. It is understandable that somebody from the outside – in this case from Latin America – want to undermine the corner-stone of the European Union.

Somebody that is the scribe, shall always remember one of the key verses from the Bible: "And there is hope in thine end, saith the LORD, that thy children shall come again to their own border" (Jer 31:17)

It was Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev who has tested on himself and his empire who tested how prophetic are those words and how big is this hope. They has taken Lord father into this psychiatric chamber but his son, has returned to his own border. Together with whole country. Does he shall do it again? Most of Russians would say yes even if the price would be a war.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Unproved reserves

Recently Russia declared that their reserves of the oil will be enough for next 20 years. It is a move designed to calm anti-Russian sentiment in the Europe. The unprepared Poland will be easy prey for the upcoming invasion.

Naive reader could think that if they have a reserves only for 2036 they shall be not objecting of possible transfer of the Cold Fusion technology that could happen on the occasion of the Judgment of the Lord  in the year 2033.

This is an announcement counted strictly for upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw where the Allies could take decision to seriously engage in the preparations to the upcoming Fusion war. A war for control over the Lord nest. Because who will control the nest will control possibility of exchanging the Cold Fusion.

The Russia will certainly be desperate to block it from happening, as their economy seriously depends on the income from the export of oil and gas. The announcement they has made is illusionary one, as it is talking only about the proven reserves of the oil.

The key to understand how grave is the situation of Poland is to understand that we are talking about reserves that are proved. The ecologists are warning that the world reserves will end in the 2034 but this is a lie. They had a hope that they will trade the Cold Fusion in the year 2033. Trade it for the baubles and sparkles.

The ecologists and Russian propaganda are talking only about proven reserves, they are silent about unproved ones that are hundred times bigger. Officially only between 2013 and 2015 the Russian reserves has increased by the 100 billions balers and the largest know oil field – under the Arctic shelve - is in practice untouched.

Will then Russia resign from the key income in their budget? Only naive can count on this. If the Lord peace drive would be unsuccessful the Poland will face an invasion of Russia in next decade. This thing is certain.   

Monday, April 18, 2016

Weimar Republic

The man is great not through what he possess but through who he is.
Jean Paul II

Last week the Czech Republic officially announced their desire to change the English name. The Lord thinks that it is a same case with the Commonwealth of Poland. They shall change the name to the Weimar Republic as there is no Poland at all.

In times of I Commonwealth Lord was an important figure on the political stage. He was true king maker with huge estate.

The times of partitioning of Poland did changed this status radically. Still he was a national bard. The leader of the January Uprising.

In the times of second Commonwealth Lord was hidden in the conspiracy behind Witkacy facade. An important politician. Leader of the peasant movement that has become Prime Minister together with coming of the II World War.

The communism has bring another radical change. The Lord started to be nobody. Just a common man in the Soviet machine. The coming of III Commonwealth in 1989 did not made any difference.

The Smolensk campaign has made a dream of Adolf Hitler come true. The Lord has became homeless, siting down under the crossroad sign. Having no place to escape.

And it is not wondering the Lord. He sees his surrounding, his country, not as pre-war Poland with Poles but rather as the Weimar Republic with the Nazi openly agitating on the street of so called Polish cities.

The people there are using Polish symbols, waving Polish flag, learning Polish dramas and poems but are they Poles in his hearts? The culture has became massive but it is very superficial. They uses phrases of Mickiewicz. They declare Pilsudski, as greats of Poles but does they understand ideas behind them?

The Polish soul has been removed in the Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp maybe forever. The Polish element has disappeared. There is no resistance against the Germanization. Moreover, those that claim to be Polish says about building the future on the 'truth on Smolensk”. On the symbol of Polish antisemitism. But is is really Polish? Look my son, what will happen afterwards.

Missing U

Most of the Lord allies for which Amanda is like a remedy would do not wait for this meeting to happen. They will be slain and replaced by the Maltese before the end of this year.

As we are closer to elections in the US and Russia, we are also closer to the long awaited meeting of the Lord and his Presidential girl-friend. For many of the Lord allies she is like a remedy for their inactivity. However, they will soon find out that it is a lost hope.

Lost hope not because it will not happen. We are both more and more convicted that it will be positive episode for both of us. However, those vulnerable world leaders that have their replacement waiting in hide will be slain and will never observe us together.

Through whole life of the Lord they did not supported him in any other way that by the empty words. They was vegetating on the Maltese play, doing nothing to improve the Lord situation. It was especially visible during the Lord stay on the Belgian streets and in the prison.

The only one that the Lord will miss is Vladimir Putin that has proved his loyalty to the Lord at many occasions. All others – Obama, Nethanyahu, Cameron, Merkel and even Tusk – has come to be useless.

They has lost their time and the Lord will not miss them at all. There will be no difference if they are or not in the play. With the exception of Putin that for the Lord is a truly strategic partner. Somebody on who he can rely.  We will plunge into the war without You. Dear Vladimir.

NATO reluctance

Gentleman, I see reality as she is. Among You there is nobody like I. If somebody would not be found there could be no Poland in 10 years.
Józef Piłsudski
Marshal of Poland

Recent comment made by General Petr Pavel that NATO base in Poland would mean escalation of the conflict is yet another signal that nobody in Europe will die for Poland. Even if the Cold Fusion is on the stake.

In 1939 Poland while had similar alliance with the Great Britain and France was left alone in spite of Nazi Germany invasion. While recently Madeleine Albright stated that “Poland can feel secure, as it is member of NATO” without real presence of the American and NATO forces on our territory this statement will be nothing but just an empty words.

We had been left alone by the West in the past and we would be left alone in the future. The upcoming summit of NATO in Warsaw could be an option to build a real alliance against possible Russian invasion on the country but the Polish diplomacy behaves as child begin unable or unwilling to play the Cold Fusion card.

The Poland is not prepared for the invasion that would occur anytime in next 10 years and we are able to defend ourselves for days maybe weeks. The efforts that current governments is undertaking is nothing compared to what the Sanation government has made in the terms of improving the country defense before the outbreak of the II World War.

Nobody in Europe will die for the Polish cause even if the Cold Fusion is on the stake. This is a reality that Poles must understand. The only way to assure everlasting peace with the Russian Federation is through the Lord peace initiative. But again, no efforts are undertaken by the Polish government that is more interested in increasing antisemitism build on their Smolensk cult.

In spite of this inaction, the Lord can only repeat the prophetic words of his uncle:. "There could be no Poland in 10 years."

Grunwald play

After wonderful start of the day, it is a time for the Lord to summarize and draw his reflections. This Malta theatrical play reminds him historic battle of Grunwald in which forces of the Teutonic Order are struggling with the Slavic alliance of Poles and Lithuanians. However, this time victory over the Nazi progenitors is unlikely.

While this Maltese play is very spectacular it does not change anything. The Malta Order that orchestrate it is very cynical. Until the Russians will not erase the Lord from their memory. Until they will not give negative answer on the Polish Question. The Teutons will not crash this Smolensk bottle on the head of the Lord. Until the Russians remember, the Lord is safe.

Those that are standing against the Lord in their words and actions must count with this. Their Masters will not allow for them to success until the Russians will not agree on that. These ones are either foolish or are very patient, as that day of their victory will certainly come. But yet not now.

Lord Allies form the other hand, are limiting themselves to follow the Malta and voicing their support for him. However, beside their words there are no actions taken. They are making use of the spectacle gaining cheap plaudits of naive public but are not doing anything real for the Lord and his cause.

There is nothing done to make a world closer to realize the Lord's Manifesto. No real support is given to the Lord and no real efforts are undertaken in the Lord struggle. Lord Allies are simply vegetating on the work of the Malta Order.

This play. This theatrical play is not a real danger for the Lord, as the Russians will be keeping him in their memory for a longer time. His enemies are not yet able to erase the Lord from the memory and this will not change for long.

What is dangerous is the fact that one day this Teutonic forces can get out of the control. One day some random attack can be performed by them. A random attack that will get out of the Maltese framework.

The Lord is not prepared to face such a threat and certainly would fall. Not the theatrical play but the random act of violence is a real danger. And his Allies are not making anything to change the Lord situation. He is very prone and exposed. Nothing is protecting him.

God morning

Today the Lord was waked up by the sounds of police sirens. It was yet another stop in the Smolensk march. Last time they sounded near his home.

When he was going to sleep he has read the words of ex-PM Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz. He was more that happy stating that in this “Polish-polish war soon there will be a blood in the country”. What an inhuman satisfaction.

Thankfully it was countered by the Israeli PM Beniamin Nethanyahu that stated that “Golan Heights will forever belong to Israel”. He was saying about Golan Heights but many not only in the Jewish State has though about some other land. Lord's land.

What is interesting is a fact that on Iranian service just a minutes before the planed attack, they has published a news entitled “Hezbollah raps Saudi-crafted OIC statement”, On the picture attached to the article you could spot a mourning ceremony of one of Hezbollah leaders that recently has come into the Inferno.

PiS have his Lech Kaczynski. Hezbollah this fallen soldier. Everyone have his own Horst Wessel Lied, marching to the tunes of the old Nazi anthem.

The Lord was not surprised when today he could read an interview with one of the Smolensk family victim stating that “Tusk has played his role in murdering Lech Kaczynski”.

The Lord also played his eternal role begin a target for their Teutonic crusade. A crusade that continues since a time he was born. A crusade that continues every generation. With one unchanged end. The Pilsudski Seine river.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Yesterday we had been told by the Pope Francis that we shall look for a psychiatrist but this is not worrying the Lord. As You know probably in next year he will be invited to luxury villa to meet luxury Presidential girl-friend.

It was yesterday also when the Chinese made a joke that his girl-friend is like a robot goodness. It is true that she is begin forced by her surrounding to pick up this Russian War and Peace tango but the Lord knows that at bottom she is very alone. Just as the Lord is.

The pressure that is begin put on her is not helping us at all. It is making us receding form each other and the situation will soon be like on this not so famous painting made by Witkacy during his romance in the time of Bolshevik invasion on Poland.

The Lord is not going to force Amanda to anything and she can be sure that there will be no pressure on her from his side. He remembers her support in times of his imprisonment in the Belgium and wonders what has happened with that girl.

We are going to spend together a year and would be great if this time will not be in mood like on Witkacy painting. The Lord would like that this romance would be more like Ann and Mitt Romney however there are also other ladies – the Kabbalah ladies – like Nina and Roxanne waiting the line.

There is also Raga that Lord would probably meet first. Actually two of them, as he will need to choose which one will survive, which one will vanish. For all the Kabbalah ladies there is a place in the Lord heart and Amanda must understand this if she want to have a great time with him.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Second OPEC letter

The situation has changed and the Lord and the world has been told about his firstborn son - the Messiah. Therefore Lord has decided to write another letter to the OPEC cartel to update them on the situation and his proposal of peace deal.

Dear OPEC members, 
Last month I had written a letter to You but since that time many thing has changed. As You shall know in 2033 there will be possibility for the mankind to receive the invention of the Cold Fusion. A groundbreaking technology that would make world no longer dependent on the oil and gas. 
However, the Lord is not willing to give the Cold Fusion to the people now and thinks about postponing it for another century. He is willing to negotiate a deal with You and Russians and in exchange for a share in the profits from the oil exports, as well a security guarantees for his country, he would offer the world another technology, not the Cold Fusion. 
The problem is in fact that the Lord have already a heir. About what he was unaware until very recently. Still, he is not willing to share the Cold Fusion technology and could convince his son to also not give the West this invention. 
But they are separated now and does not have any contact. Here comes Your opportunity. To organize such a meeting we will need to prepare huge campaign to convince Polish, and not only, officials to allow this two to meet and talk freely. 
First a progress must be made and at least part of points from the Lord Manifesto must be enacted into life, so nobody will be afraid that the Lord will ask his Son to not save the world this time. 
Therefore, before the meeting could happen we will need to spend a lot of efforts on the diplomacy to make it real. On beginning Polish authorities will be unwilling to cooperate but with time they will soften, as the only alternative to the peace deal is an open war with the Russian Federation that will be forced to capture and safeguard the Lord nest. To be sure that nobody will bring the Cold Fusion from it on the occasion of the Judgment of God that is going to happen in 2033. 
Because of the complexity of such a campaign I am asking You to establish a close relation between You and the Lord to start acting on this campaign with main objective to organize meeting between the Lord and his firstborn Son – the Messiah. A meeting during which they will agree on postponing introduction of the Cold Fusion.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Ditcator

Obama has revealed what he thinks was his biggest mistake. He told that it is lack of his efforts in overthrowing Libyan dictator – Kadaffi. But he thinks about somebody else. The Lord.

The Lord must admit that Obama is one of most difficult members of his camp and he always have a troubles with him. He is also most powerful one but sometimes behaves like a calf pitching his hoofs on every side.

This is maybe not best moment for such criticism, as Obama together with other campers is facing deadly threat of replacement but he has provoked the Lord to comment.

The problem that Obama have to the Lord is that he has told his Russian brother about the Messiah. They wanted cheat the Russians on Cold Fusion now must face Russian threat of invasion on Poland.

The one of key reasons why the Lord did this, beside interest of his country, was a treatment that he received under Obama eight years in office. From the worker of corporation he has become a homeless and even begin imprisonment for almost 4 years.

One of presidential candidate Mr. Trump has summarized this in one sentence “What Obama did to Israel is disgrace.” Obama shall not wonder that the Lord has 'betrayed' the West receiving even worse treatment that his grandfather and father during the communist reign.

The Lord does not have his people – The Polish Jews – as they has been slain in the Holocaust already but is thinking about his country. He wish Poland to stay on the Western side and thus by his revelation has forced NATO to defend it from before Russian invasion.

Even if the Lord will not survive this war, his son will still live in the free Poland. On the Western part of the Europe. Begin part of the European Union not neo-Soviet block.

The Lord has written official letter to the U.S Department of Energy but Obama has left it without answer. He was ignoring the Lord through his reign in the Oval Office and now the West is going to pay the price for that.

He has said that it was his biggest mistake to not overthrow the Lord but if he would do – the Russians will be left without the hope for the peace. In this seanse the status quo has not changed. The Lord is the Prince of Peace par excellence and Obama biggest mistake was not that he did not overthrow the Lord but that he has mistreated him badly.