Saturday, April 2, 2016


After Saturday Lord has decided to censor his blog to not give additional arguments for his Enemies to remove it completely.

The certain idea has been removed from all posts but the people must count that after the Messiah will sit down on God's Throne whole truth, every second of everyone lives, will be available to him.

He will read from your lives as from the Book of Life and then will decide what to do with this fallen civilization.

The people on this planet must understand that this things and crimes Malta Order did must be fixed.

It is maybe first time in the history when certain crimes has been commit before the Judgment of the God not after and you must count with consequences. The mankind must purify themselves before the God will make his Judgment on it or risk complete destruction.

There is no way to hide the truth from before eyes of the Messiah. Everything will be available to  him when he will enter the nest in 2033.

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