Friday, April 1, 2016

Cause of Christ

On Friday the Lord has received  this photo from the Iranian friends. The headline stated: Iran proudly backs axis of resistance. The Iran renews support for Palestinian cause.

That is great idea to combine on diplomatic front a cause of Poland – cause of Christ - with the cause of Palestinians. Lord fully support their right to have own state on the Holy Land which he originally promised to the Jews.

He is not satisfied by the status quo in the Jewish State and lack of efforts to renew peace talks from the side of Israel. This talks has stalled and the current government did nothing to resume them.

This is not surprising him, as Beniamin Netanyahu father was one of best friends of Ze'ev Jablonski creator of so called Revisionist Zionism that denounce Palestinian rights to have their own country.

One of the other prominent figures of this fraction was Menachem Begin (pol. Mietek Biegun) which was forced to depart II Commonwealth of Poland when Lord uncle – Józef Piłsudski - has come to power. Both was enemies to each other, as the Revisionism is most hostile ideology that the Lord is facing. On it both the Nazi and the Bolsheviks based their own approach of eradicating the Lord from people memory .

I am sure that the most of Jews, that of moderate minds, feels the same what the Lord and they are not happy from the treatment of the Lord by that Israel oligarchy. Maybe, like most Palestinians, they do not yet understand the complexity of Zionism ideology but soon thanks to Lord lectures will understand it well.

The Revisionists was cooperating with fascist and was inspired by many of social policies of Adolf Hitler. The Zionists in Germany even openly supported this Nazi leader in 1933. Revisionists often believed that Jews in Europe must be sacrificed for higher cause of creating the Israel with the support of Hitler. While Hitler stated that only Eastern Jews are problem to him.

This ideology is in direct opposition to the more moderated “practical” Zionism of David Ben-Gurion and Chaim Weizmann that supported ideology of two states solution. This is form of Zionism most close to the Lord views.

Lord hopes that this struggle for the Lord to reunite with his Son will be supported, beside slightly differences of ideology, by both Palestinians and Israelis. Both are children of the God and have the right to live on the land of their ancestors. Just as the Lord have a right to live with his Son on his land.  

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