Saturday, April 30, 2016


From the Lord terminal in Radziwiłł Palace in Warsaw many things can be done. It is not only heart attack but also inducing the cancer.

When Kaczynski announced that they has started a committee to build Smolensk monuments, notabene on on front of this palace, the Lord had a bad feelings. The recent words of ex Polish PM Olechowski that if he would be now in government he would have difficulties with sleeping sounds very true also for the Lord.

What Kaczynski committee is doing is not even nationalism it cannot be described in other words that fascism or just Nazism. He is frenzied by the wish of the revenge for Smolensk flight and his lost brother. But this is only facade of his madness. Deeper You will find a Malta crimes that he want to hide, forever.

When Lords wakes up in the early morning from the time of this Smolensk announcement he feels a pain in his larynx. It could be a sign of common cold if the Lord would not know the potential dormant in his Palace.

He thinks that also not be accident yesterday his 'relative' Konstanty Radziwiłł that is in Kaczynnski Minister of Health has announced that soon they will made a fight against tobacco smokers. The Lord have bad feelings that again his extraordinary technology will be used against him.

He already is sitting down with his lost son in their family nest and is telling him a story of the Jewish Nation. The story of the Weimar Republic.

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