Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day of good memory

This year anniversary of Smolensk catastrophe was celebrated for first time under rule of Kaczynski PiS party. However despite great efforts PiS seems to be losing the battle for hearts and minds of Poles.

Only 25% of Poles declared that on this day will be commemorating Smolensk and nearly 33% declared that want to have Smolensk monument on front of Radziwill palace. This is optimistic trend and Lord strongly believes that with the time number of supporters of Horst Wessel Lied march will drop to traditional 9% of Polish society.

This year anniversary was started by President Andrzej Duda that laid a flowers at grave of Lech Kaczynski that has been mourned next to Marshall Pilsudski at Wawel Castle in Krakow. The place that he for sure does not deserve.

The Smolensk anniversary is held on same day that anniversary of Katyn massacre. A massacre in which most of Polish Army Officers was murdered by NKVD Soviet forces. Murdered in the revenge and in the great and failed effort to remove the Lord from the memory of people.

Today Katyn anniversary is held in the shadows of Smolensk commemorations but in the hearts and minds of Poles is more significant one. This bloody massacre, not the Teutonic crusade is greatest testimony of begin Polish.

And maybe because of this in the televised debate on Smolensk member of KUKIZ-15 opposition party said that he “is afraid that it will end like with Gibraltar catastrophe and the desire of big part of society will be not satisfied”. The other member of PO opposition said that he doubts “that we will come to such proofs that would present Smolensk case in different light”.

The light is really bad, as it was true explosion of Polish antisemitism. However the Presidential Minister stated that “we must discover truth. On that truth we will build future”. He has just repeated Nazi line of his leader Kaczynski.

The truth on Smolensk is not comfortable to Kaczynski and he want to replace it what is main idea of Revisionist Zionism. What is not strange for the Lord is that in same spirit talked leader of Civic Platform party. He told that 10 April is  “The Day of Good Memory”. For that memory vanished not only Polish Officers but also Lord Jews.

There could not be bigger discredit for Polish patriot to stand against the God, Honor and the Fatherland. And that is what actually did all those that booked this fatal flight to Smolensk. That is why the so called Polish elite for every price want to replace truth on this events. Replace it in same manner that before Holocaust wanted to replace it Nazi and Bolsheviks forces. And that is what most of Poles seems to understand well.

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