Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dreaming of Fusion

The Saudi family has confirmed that is going to establish 2 trillion dollars found for the post Oil Era. This means they will be one of players that are going to push a world into new war. A war that can become the III World War.

The Russians seems to be adapting the Peace & War approach. It means that they will be arming and preparing to invade Poland to secure control over the Lord nest but at same time are not excluding the peace deal. The West shall follow.

After revealing the truth on the Messiah there would be natural animosity between Western Leaders and the Lord but by revealing the truth the Lord did what was very best in the interest of Poland, Polish nation and his family.

He is not willing to give the Cold Fusion to the West, especially for the special price. He is interested in Poland that will again become his land. Influential player on the global stage that will stay in the European Union not be again of neo-Soviet Union. In one sentence - would do it again. Mr. Schultz would do same for Germany.

The war was imminent and by revealing the truth the Lord has forced West to defend his country before the Russian invasion. Otherwise it would be left alone, like a waste, exploited. This way it will have a chance. Of course if there will be a war because price of Fusion is very high now, counted in the blood, not Saudi trillions.

The West and Saudi in particular has fully deserved this price and at the end it is not said that my son would simply not destroy this fallen civilization after observing everything they did against the Lord, his family and closes allies. This judgment could be last, final one.

The Malta shall not do their ritual crimes before the judgment. Last time they did just after 1933 year when the Lord has already taken decision. Nowadays, situation is completely different. There is no family, in practice no Jews living in Poland. Nothing that connect us with this planet.

Still, there is a hope. We have a chance for long lasting peace with Russia with millions of lives saved. The problem is that current government is not interested in the best interest of Poland and would prefer staying single minded. Sticking to war option.

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