Monday, April 18, 2016

Grunwald play

After wonderful start of the day, it is a time for the Lord to summarize and draw his reflections. This Malta theatrical play reminds him historic battle of Grunwald in which forces of the Teutonic Order are struggling with the Slavic alliance of Poles and Lithuanians. However, this time victory over the Nazi progenitors is unlikely.

While this Maltese play is very spectacular it does not change anything. The Malta Order that orchestrate it is very cynical. Until the Russians will not erase the Lord from their memory. Until they will not give negative answer on the Polish Question. The Teutons will not crash this Smolensk bottle on the head of the Lord. Until the Russians remember, the Lord is safe.

Those that are standing against the Lord in their words and actions must count with this. Their Masters will not allow for them to success until the Russians will not agree on that. These ones are either foolish or are very patient, as that day of their victory will certainly come. But yet not now.

Lord Allies form the other hand, are limiting themselves to follow the Malta and voicing their support for him. However, beside their words there are no actions taken. They are making use of the spectacle gaining cheap plaudits of naive public but are not doing anything real for the Lord and his cause.

There is nothing done to make a world closer to realize the Lord's Manifesto. No real support is given to the Lord and no real efforts are undertaken in the Lord struggle. Lord Allies are simply vegetating on the work of the Malta Order.

This play. This theatrical play is not a real danger for the Lord, as the Russians will be keeping him in their memory for a longer time. His enemies are not yet able to erase the Lord from the memory and this will not change for long.

What is dangerous is the fact that one day this Teutonic forces can get out of the control. One day some random attack can be performed by them. A random attack that will get out of the Maltese framework.

The Lord is not prepared to face such a threat and certainly would fall. Not the theatrical play but the random act of violence is a real danger. And his Allies are not making anything to change the Lord situation. He is very prone and exposed. Nothing is protecting him.

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