Monday, April 18, 2016

Weimar Republic

The man is great not through what he possess but through who he is.
Jean Paul II

Last week the Czech Republic officially announced their desire to change the English name. The Lord thinks that it is a same case with the Commonwealth of Poland. They shall change the name to the Weimar Republic as there is no Poland at all.

In times of I Commonwealth Lord was an important figure on the political stage. He was true king maker with huge estate.

The times of partitioning of Poland did changed this status radically. Still he was a national bard. The leader of the January Uprising.

In the times of second Commonwealth Lord was hidden in the conspiracy behind Witkacy facade. An important politician. Leader of the peasant movement that has become Prime Minister together with coming of the II World War.

The communism has bring another radical change. The Lord started to be nobody. Just a common man in the Soviet machine. The coming of III Commonwealth in 1989 did not made any difference.

The Smolensk campaign has made a dream of Adolf Hitler come true. The Lord has became homeless, siting down under the crossroad sign. Having no place to escape.

And it is not wondering the Lord. He sees his surrounding, his country, not as pre-war Poland with Poles but rather as the Weimar Republic with the Nazi openly agitating on the street of so called Polish cities.

The people there are using Polish symbols, waving Polish flag, learning Polish dramas and poems but are they Poles in his hearts? The culture has became massive but it is very superficial. They uses phrases of Mickiewicz. They declare Pilsudski, as greats of Poles but does they understand ideas behind them?

The Polish soul has been removed in the Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp maybe forever. The Polish element has disappeared. There is no resistance against the Germanization. Moreover, those that claim to be Polish says about building the future on the 'truth on Smolensk”. On the symbol of Polish antisemitism. But is is really Polish? Look my son, what will happen afterwards.

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