Friday, April 1, 2016

Saudi FUNd

Lord welcomes initiative of Saudi Arabia to establish Cold Fusion fund of 2 trillions $ but he thinks it is a Prima Aprilis joke. Anyway he will reply on it.Very seriously. 

The Saudis since beginning of life of the Lord did not supported him even by single cent. With are their wealth they has treated their God as the trash. Same has did most of the faithfuls on this planet. 

They has forsaken God in name of the Christ and every Christian shall always remember the Holy Cross that he is teached. In the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

They has forsaken their God and he is punishing them by not giving the Cold Fusion. He had never promised that it would be Fusion. There are other technologies that can be shared.

They also did not though about Poland and what would happen afterwards of Fusion exchange. Both the Lord and his country would be left like a waste. The Russians would never forgive such a gift and would claim their bloody revenge on both the Lord and his country. That is why the Lord decided to reveal the truth on Messiah what has changed a play.

Now to obtain the Fusion NATO must prepare to defend Poland. The war with Russia would be before exchange, not after it. It means that Poland have a chance to defend itself and stay on the Western side. Not losing our independence.

This is a better option for the Polish nation and it was priority for the Lord. Of course, Western powers could not be happy from this, as would be forced by the Lord to defend Poland from before Russian aggression.

This would be a case only when we will not strike a deal with the Russians and the OPEC. Because of treatment of the Lord by the West and his family interest he would not be willing to share this technology. Foremost he counts with the Russian revenge.

The peace deal is guarantying him really long life as  the Revision would not be possible. The Russians would not risk the deal to slain him. Simply the Lord counts with the punishment of his country and the nation by Russians if he would share the Fusion with the West.

Dear Saudis. It is not matte of money. The price is in blood of the Lord and his nation. This is a question of life and death of the Lord but also of his people. For that reasons he prefers a peace with the Russians. But they can of course choose the war and the NATO must be ready for it.

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